Best Siege Troops Stats and Comparison Guide for Beginners

Siege is the last type of unit in Rise of Kingdoms. They are used to carry resources from resource spots to your city and from plundering your enemy cities as well.

Siege units have the biggest load out of all and they are amazing to use for gathering commanders like Sarka, Constance, Gaius Marius and Joan of Arc.

But they also excels at conquering your enemies thanks to a passive skill which allows siege units to counter watchtower with utmost destructive force.

The following commanders that specializes in leadership skill are:

Rise of Kingdoms Siege List

NameTierCivAgeAttackDefenseHealthMarch SpeedLoadPower
Battering Ram1AllIcon Stone Age60120120Very Fast201
Arcuballista2AllIcon Bronze Age125128125Fast222
Mangonel3AllIcon Iron Age163155155Normal243
Ballista4AllIcon Dark Age192192187Slow264
Trebuchet5AllIcon Feudal Age220216212Very Slow3010

Battering Ram

Battering Ram ROK

Battering Ram is the fourth type of troop and last one to train. This siege unit is great at carrying resources, attacking cities not so much.

TierCivAgeAttackDefenseHealthMarch SpeedLoadPower
1AllIcon Stone Age60120120Very Fast201


Arcuballista ROK

Arcuballista is a Tier 2 siege unit, featuring improved attack, defense and health. They also carry slightly more load which makes them an attractive siege unit for gathering resources and to plunder enemy cities.

TierCivAgeAttackDefenseHealthMarch SpeedLoadPower
2AllIcon Bronze Age125128125Fast222


Mangonel ROK

Mangonel is a Tier 3 siege unit, which comes with even more firepower, defense and health. They also have improved load which helps a lot with carrying high-valued resources in a single trip.

TierCivAgeAttackDefenseHealthMarch SpeedLoadPower
3AllIcon Iron Age163155155Normal243



Ballista is a Tier 4 siege unit, packed with serious amount of firepower, defense and health at the cost of moving slow. Though, it comes with improved load to bring in more resources.

TierCivAgeAttackDefenseHealthMarch SpeedLoadPower
4AllIcon Dark Age192192187Slow264


Trebuchet ROK

Trebuchet is the strongest siege unit in Rise of Kingdoms and they are basically the last memory your enemies will see as the rock flies across sky. Increased attack, defense and health at cost of movement reduced.

TierCivAgeAttackDefenseHealthMarch SpeedLoadPower
5AllIcon Feudal Age220216212Very Slow3010

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