Recommended Hosting Resources & Tools

House of Kingdoms

Ever since I launched House of Kingdoms, I have been asked several time for recommendations on various tools and services that I use for blogging. In particular, people want to know what tools I use to run my blogs.

Ultimately, I decided it is time to assemble a list of resources and tools that I have personally used and come highly recommended to me by people who I trust. Over the time I will be adding these tools and services to the resources & tools page that I highly recommend.

Blog Platforms


I am an avid consumer of WordPress, one of the largest blogging platform that exists nowadays. I have been using WordPress for 4 years and I have not build any blogs on a different platform at all and is still the preferred choice by majority of bloggers today.

WordPress is absolutely free and often comes bundled with your hosting service provider (I use SiteGround as my hosting service provider, but I will talk more about it in details soon). There is a few blogging platforms that I know of, but your obviously first choice should be WordPress.

  • WordPress – Free hosted blogging platform.
  • Blogger – Free hosted blogging platform that is owned by Google.
  • Wix – Another free hosted blogging platform.

Hosting Service Providers


I absolutely love SiteGround for a number of reasons. Before I discovered SiteGround, I used to host my websites at HostGator and their poor customer services was the final straw that broke camel’s back for me. Ever since I moved all of my websites over to SiteGround, my experience has been overwhelming positive.

The representatives are very knowledgeable and well-equipped to help out with whenever issues you have with your websites. The speed is incredible good and security is well built against hackers, malware and spammers — a must-have features for SEO-boosted ranking. Though, SiteGround is a bit expensive compared to other hosting service providers. It’s the price you pay for the best hosting service provider on Earth right now.

You can easily get your blog up and running at SiteGround for as low as $9.95 a month via here.

A few of popular hosting service providers I also highly recommend for anyone who is interested in getting started with their blogs:

  • SiteGround (My preferred hosting plan service provider).
  • Wealthy Affiliate (Recommended for anyone who is interested in starting a money-making websites).

Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate link. Which means I will earn commissions at no additional cost to you. The prices of these products is what you will pay. A portion of that cost goes towards the company and a small slice of it goes towards me to continue keeping House of Kingdoms online.