Wheel of Fortune Rise of Kingdoms

How to Play Wheel of Fortune: Guide for Beginners

Wheel of Fortune is one of the most popular event in Rise of Kingdoms. In this guide, I am going to explain to you how this event works, which will cover general game rules, gameplay and tips for players who wants to be able to maximize their chance.

Wheel of Fortune is my second favorite event after the Card King and you can get free legendary commander sculptures. Especially if you are playing as a free-to-play player. Basically, this game involves you tapping on the button to start spinning the wheel.

But I will explain more about this event in details. Here’s how to play Wheel of Fortune.

What is Wheel of Fortune Event?

Wheel of Fortune

If you have watched a popular TV series called Wheel of Fortune, this is exactly how the game works. Simply put, you just have to tap on the free button to start spinning the wheel. The pointer will always point north, so depending on which prize hits the pointer is what you will win.

The game rules for Wheel of Fortune is simple:

  • All players starts with one free spin.
  • To spin for a second time, it will cost you 400 gems at 50% discount.
  • After the second spin, it will cost you 800 gems to spin next.
  • You can spin 5 times for 3,600 gems
  • You win prize based on what lands on the pointer.

Why Should You Play Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune Prize

No matter whether you are a free-to-play or pay-to-win player. You should always give your shot at Wheel of Fortune. I got a free Yi Seong-Gye commander sculpture on my first spin. The other side on my wheel have 8 Yi Seong-Gye and I could be even luckier if it lands on that prize.

But hey, one Yi Seong-Gye commander sculpture is pretty good and I am looking forward to summoning him as my new legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms. The point is that you can collect legendary commanders through Wheel of Fortune. So, you definitely should play it!


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