How to Unlock Tier 4 Troops Fast

How to Unlock Tier 4 Troops Fast in Rise of Kingdoms: Guide for Beginners

In this guide, we will talk about how you can unlock Tier 4 troops fast in Rise of Kingdoms as a free-to-play player. Unlocking the Tier 4 troops doesn’t have to take that much resources and I am going to teach you how to do that so you can be on the same playing field as premium gamers.

How to Unlock Tier 4 Troops Fast!

To unlock Tier 4 troops quickly in the game, follow these steps to ensure minimal downtime.

First Step: Level Up Your City Hall to 21

First and foremost important part to getting tier 4 troops early in the game is leveling your City Hall to level 21 in shortest time possible. Tier 4 troops becomes available for researching the moment you fully upgrade your City Hall to level 21.

Which means you need to minimize downtime and costs of upgrading your buildings and technologies.

At first, it sounds impossible. But it is actually possible as long as you only focus on critical buildings that are required for upgrading your City Hall to level 21. In order to start training tier 4 troops, you will need the following prerequisites:

  • Level up your Stable to 18.
  • Level up your Barracks to 16.
  • Level up your Tavern to 20.
  • Level up your Academy to 21.
  • Level up your Trading Post to 13.
  • Level up your Storehouse to Level 18.

Once you have these buildings leveled up, you can start producing tier 4 troops. But in order to get there quickly, you need to focus on minimizing the downtime and costs which is achieved through step 2.

Second Step: Rush Your VIP to Level 6

Many new players don’t know that you can get your VIP to Level 6 for free from using the gems that you get during daily quests, expeditions, farming barbarians and participating in the events.

One of the main advantage for getting your VIP status to Level 6 is that you get a permanent second builder. You also get reduced building time and research time that dynamically adds up to your path on getting the City Hall to Level 21.

Before you spend your gems on any items, get your VIP status to Level 6 which can be access right next to your profile on upper left corner. Invest all of your gems until you meet the requirement.

Third Step: Get Buffs and Activate Them

Another key step in getting Tier 4 troops fast is having buffs that reduces your building time and resources it takes to upgrade them.

There are a lot of ways to reduce downtime and resource costs that can be done by:

  • Joining a top alliance that have the technologies max out for building speed & cost.
  • Gather runes that reduces your building and research time (7% building speed & research speed is the best)
  • Ask your alliance for help and save speed ups for finishing long buildings.

In this case, you want to join a top alliance with highest technology. Since they have technologies that increases how much time a single alliance member can shave off some of the time for upgrading your buildings.

Never, ever use your speed ups if there are going to be a few minutes wasted. You want to use your speed ups to its fullest extent to maximize usage.

Furthermore, you should be upgrading your Alliance Center so that you can get more help. In this particular will be important because the more help you get, the more buildings you can upgrade in the shortest time possible.

Fourth Step: Managing Your Economic Technology

Seriously, don’t waste your time into the first 6 economic technologies at all. You can just get all of them by exploring the map and get the technologies from tribal villages. This is the best and time-efficient.

While you can focus on investing the time in growing your military strength, the free economic technologies that you get from tribal villages will come in handy.

After you have maxed out your first 6 economic technologies, start researching in the following order:

Metallurgy –> Writing –> Multi-Layer Structure –> Jewelry –> Plow –> Sawmill –> Engineering –> Mathematics

You will want to research Mathematics and have it around Level 6 or 7 to reduce the training time for Tier 4. Turn the training time from days to just hours do really play a major role on your gaming experience.

After you reach Level 6 or 7 Mathematics, you can just focus on Engineering or whatever suits you the best.

Fifth Step: Managing Your Military Technology

Just like the economic technology, you should be researching your military technologies in a straight line.

The only exception is the Pathfinding which you want to get it to Level 5 early in the game. Because it will definitely help you a lot with exploration and finding tribal villages / mysterious caves.

All the gifts that you get is a nice bonus to help you rush your City Hall to Level 21 and unlocking Tier 4 units early in the game.


That’s all governors! This is the fastest way to unlock tier 4 troops with minimal downtime and resource costs.

Always make sure you get buffs like runes and sanctums. Try to gather runes that have 7% building speed and research speed as they are the highest possible available.

Most importantly, you want to get your VIP status to Level 6 as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of permanent second builder and bonus building speed & research speed.

Thank you for reading our guide on how to get tier 4 troops fast with minimal downtime and cost for free-to-play players. We hope this guide helps you!

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