Ultimate Guide Zones Rise of Kingdoms

Ultimate Guide to Zones in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, you probably have heard of Zones but you aren’t sure what it means. There are three zones on in the kingdom which is often referred as Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3 based on the level of passes surrounding the region.

To enter Zone 2 and Zone 3, your alliance must gain control of the corresponding passes and mountains that is guarding the region. In the beginning of game, you can’t capture passes right away just like other holy sites. Passes will unlock as guided by the Monument and capturing them can be a valuable asset to your alliance territory.

In this guide, I will talk about Zones and what they have to offer. It is especially important to remember that each zone comes with holy sites. The further your alliance is in the zone, the better buffs will be from the Holy Sites that is located in deep zones.

Without further ado, here’s my guide to Zones in Rise of Kingdoms.

What Are Zones?

Zones Rise of Kingdoms

Each zone is defined by bordering mountains and passes. When you first start the game, you will build your City Hall in Zone 1 region, which is the external area with mountain border next to other kingdoms.

To enter other Zone 1 regions, your alliance needs to capture Level 1 Pass. But if you want to advance to Zone 2, you will have to capture Level 2 Passes and to advance to Zone 3, Level 3 Passes needs to be claimed by your alliance.

Identifying the zones in your kingdom is easy to tell since they are divided by mountains and the level of passes usually tell you what type of zone it is. Rarity of Holy Sites also is an indication of Zone region with fewer and exceptional quality gravitating to the center of Kingdom.

For beginners, I highly recommend joining top alliances as you will have an easy time traversing across the zones in Rise of Kingdoms.

Zone 1

What Type of Holy Sites in Zone 1?

In Zone 1, there are two type of Holy Sites that your alliance needs to capture in order to gain the buffs: Altar and Sanctum. Capturing them will grant your alliance a small amount of buff that can strengthen your gathering rate, march speed, attack, defense — depending on the type of altar / sanctum your alliance captured.


Altar Rise of Kingdoms


Sanctum Rise of Kingdoms

What Level of Resource Points in Zone 1?

In Zone 1, the level of Resource Points usually are between 2 to 3. Resource Points Level 4 are more common around the Holy Sites. At these levels, they provide small amount of resources and isn’t quite an attractive option for long-term game. They are great for farming and getting your city up and running in the beginning. But as you grow bigger, you will need more resources to support yourself.

Zone 2

What Type of Holy Sites in Zone 2?

In Zone 2, there is only one type of Holy Site. It is called Shrine and just like the other Holy Sites in Zone 1, it gives you a small buff like increasing your troops attack, defense, march speed, gathering rate and such. You definitely will want to pick up a Shrine along the way to the center of your kingdom.


Shrine Rise of Kingdoms

What Level of Resource Points in Zone 2?

In Zone 2, the level of Resource Points typically are between 3 to 5. They are pretty good and provides the governors plenty of resources to sustain their city. Ideally, you will want to send out gathering commanders that can take all of the resources in a single trip.

Zone 3

What Type of Holy Sites in Zone 3?

And finally, the Lost Temple is the only Holy Site in Zone 3. Upon capturing the Lost Temple, your alliance and you will have the ability to enter the Lost Kingdom for KVK battles. With Lost Temple under your control, your alliance holds the sovereign power over your entire kingdom. It only may be contended once every 7 days.

Lost Temple

Lost Temple Rise of Kingdoms

What Level of Resource Points in Zone 3?

In Zone 3, the level of Resource Points generally are between 5 and 6. This is the highest level of resource points that’s available in Rise of Kingdoms. They are the most popular and a lot of players will be busy gathering them because these RSS points provides the most resources return on investment (ROI) for individual and alliance’s gain. Absolutely a must-have for excellent resource management and to keep your gold flowing.

Useful Tips & Tricks for Advancing to Next Zones

One important tip all new players and beginners in Rise of Kingdoms should know is that these Holy Sites are considered neutral buildings. You will want to assemble a squad of peacekeeping commanders like Cao Cao, Aethelflaed or Lohar and chain-farm Sentinels that protects them.

Afterwards, you will want to do a rally attack on the Holy Sites. Pick the best direct damage dealer such as Minamoto or Boudica and pair with other commander with strong nuker skill like Osman I for instance. This will allow you to quickly eliminate the troops that’s stationed at the Holy Sites.

That’s all Governors! I hope you found my ultimate guide to zones in Rise of Kingdoms helpful and informative. New players who needs help with getting started can check out my beginner’s guide to Rise of Kingdoms.

If you have any questions about zones, please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. We are looking forward to chatting with you. Happy ruling Governors!

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My alliance members are racing for the top 4 alliances at the moment. They said that only those top 4 alliances will be able to get in zone 3 while others only stay at zone 1 or 2. Why is that ???

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