Top 10 Early Game Mistakes Rise of Kingdoms

Top 10 Early Game Mistakes to Avoid in Rise of Kingdoms

There’s quite a few players who can leverage early advantages to their favor without any impunity, and these are the same players who made mistakes during their first few gaming sessions.

I created top 10 early game mistakes to avoid in Rise of Kingdoms. It’s your opportunity to break the cycle and do it right the first time. During the early phase, making the moves right can play a significant role in how fast you will progress.

Here’s my top 10 early game mistakes to avoid in Rise of Kingdoms. So be sure to grab a cup of coffee, study, learn and master these tips to gain edge over your opponents from beginning.

1. Star Upgrading Commanders too Early

One of the biggest early game mistake you could be making is star upgrading your commanders without fully understanding your civilizations’ trait.

For instance, Germany is amazing at dealing extra damage with cavalry but Hermann is your starting commander who specializes in archer. You probably would be better off investing universal sculptures and starlight sculptures in commanders who has cavalry as their specialization in order to maximize the trait bonus.

Study the civilization you plan to play, understand their traits so you can plan ahead and choose the right commander to stick around because you are going to play with them for quite a long time.

2. Not Prioritizing Commander Talent Points Right

Again, one of the early game mistake is not investing your commander’s talent points the right way. In order to maximize your commander’s talent tree, you need put them in areas that will work well with their skills and troops.

Here at House of Kingdoms, we have an entire list of commanders with their own recommended talent builds. Some commanders have at least 2 to 3 recommended talent builds which you can customize to work around with your preferences and to maximize your overall combat effectiveness.

Before you put a point in any of these talent tree, make sure you know how you plan to use your commanders. Resetting or changing your talent build costs a hefty 1,000 gems and you will want to avoid using your gems at all cost!

3. Making a Legendary Commander your Primary Commander

Now, this isn’t always an early game mistake in some case. Depending on which legendary commanders is being recommended and how much you are going to spend on. However, most of the time it is just a simple game mistake.

The smart move to do is focus on your epic commanders first. Before you touch your legendary commanders, make sure you know what you are doing.

These pitfalls can be entirely avoided if you spend some time investing in your Epic and Elite commanders. As the game progress, you will have at least a solid idea of how your commander roster looks like. This gives you good options to work around with.

Elite gathering commanders like Sarka, Constance and Gaius Marius are one of the fewest commanders that everyone should be leveling them up early in the game so you have solid gathering teams for resources.

Your Epic Commander(s) should be your primary commanders and use them to make progression in important game modes such as Expedition Mode and chain-farming barbarians.

4. Choosing the Wrong Civilization

Don’t get me wrong, all civilizations are great and some of they are very fun to play with. But if you choose a civilization that don’t really line up well with your gameplay, you loose out on potential boost.

For instance, Japan is great at scouting due to 30% march speed. You should be sending out your scouts 24/7 to lift up all the fog. Planning to launch attack while playing as Japan? You are going to lose that one out badly.

Germany and Arabia are amazing for PvP due to their traits. They are great for bloodthirsty players. So, make sure you pick the right civilization that is going to fit your gameplay strategy. Plus, you get a free civilization change as you upgrade your City Hall to Level 10.

5. Wasting Your Gems at Mysterious Shop

Occasionally Mysterious Merchant will drop by in your city to offer you with lucrative deals. If you are just starting off, don’t waste your gems at the shop just yet. Focus on upgrading your VIP to Level 6 first so that you get to unlock permanent second builder and bonuses.

Afterwards, you can continue upgrading your VIP Level or spend your gems at the shop and the Gems Store. Personally, I like to invest all of the gems in upgrading my VIP Level Status towards 13 / 14 for more bonuses and better daily chest quality.

As for spending your gems at the shop, go for items that are 70% off which is ok-ok. Items that are 80% are very rare and worth snatching for!

6. Not Deciding Which to Jump or Not to Jump

Did you know that you can jump to another kingdom while your city hall is at Level 7? Jumping can give you an early headstart advantage. However, if you are new to Rise of Kingdoms, I recommend playing the game first to understand the mechanisms fully.

When you create a new character on a different kingdom, you need to plan it out. If your goal is to just grow then move to a different kingdom via jumping. Just max out your City Hall at Level 7, all buildings to Level 7, hit your technologies to the max and just train your troops.

When you start a new character, you have 10 days to jump to a new kingdom with beginner’s teleport. Once 10 days expire, you lose the ability to jump. If you level up your City Hall to 8, you also lose the ability to jump. Be prepare to jump on 8th or 9th day to a new kingdom.

7. Doing too Many Things at Once

Often of the time, spreading yourself out too thin is one of the early game mistakes that new players make in Rise of Kingdoms. You have your gathers out there on the map harvesting resources. But you don’t have any troops to defend your city.

And what happens next, someone saw that you left yourself exposed? They launches attack and steals all of your hard earned resources.

These problems is less likely if you join one of these top alliances and is grouped up with your alliance members. However, if you are out in the wide open field — they are wild and you better keep your guard up.

Have some troops to defend your city while your commanders gather resources. Don’t focus on too many commanders at once or you risk spreading yourself too thin, leaving with low-level commanders unable to defend yourself against high-powered players.

8. Not Buying Legendary Commander Pack

Here’s one legendary commander pack that I highly recommend buying and it’s called, “Writers of History”. That pack alone is worth 66,375 gems and you can buy it just for five dollars. Yup, you heard it right. Five. Dollars. For. A. Pack.

Every time you summon  a brand new legendary commander, you will get this special offer which lasts only for an hour. If you are F2P, this isn’t a mistake. However, if you plan to spend a little, you will end up regretting not buying them right off the bat.

9. Attacking Other Players Early

I don’t recommend attacking other players early in the game. This is a very fast way to lose the game, taint your reputation in your kingdoms and make a lot of enemies.

Troops in Rise of Kingdoms isn’t exactly the same as other games. They are harder to kill and defenders always have defensive advantage because their troops don’t die while the attacker loses more troops.

Unless you want to drop your shield early in the beginning, the only thing you should be doing is scouting the map and gather intelligence of your kingdom so that you can plan ahead.

Save attacking other player’s city at a later time when you have stronger troops and enough firepower to crush them without risking your troops that much.

10. Playing Alone

Rise of Kingdoms is a massive multiplayer real-time strategy and you are going to get pit against hundreds and hundreds of players in your kingdom. Playing alone surely will get you attacked all the time in spite for resources or simply to show their alpha status.

You need to join top alliances that are ranked between 1 to 10. You will be surprised by how welcoming they are to take you in quickly.

As an alliance member, you get the perks of being protected, accelerated farming, alliance technologies that improves your building speeds, production, troops attack / defense and more.

Plus, you get alliance bonuses via Monument if your alliance takes control of passes, shrines and temples. If you play alone, you are missing out on all these awesome perks and bonuses that alliances reap in!

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