Top Important Buildings Rise of Kingdoms

Top 7 Important Buildings in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, the buildings plays an important role to growing your city. Without them, you won’t be able to advance that far. If you are wondering what’s the top 7 important buildings to upgrade in Rise of Kingdoms, then you have come to the right spot.

Because in this guide, we will be talking about the top 7 important Rise of Kingdoms buildings. Except City Hall and Academy since they are considered the core to game:

  • City Hall lets you dispatch more troops, unlocks buildings, and progress through ages.
  • Academy lets you research economic and military technologies which is pretty much core to the game.

Without further ado, let’s deep dive and find out what’s the top 7 important buildings in Rise of Kingdoms.

1. Trading Post

If you are running mini farming accounts, you will realize how important it is to build a trading post. You need them to transport resources from city to other city. At maximum level, the tax rate is merely 8% and you can dispatch up to 5 million resources at once.

2. Storehouse

The second most important building is Storehouse. I bet that most of you do not know how important Storehouse actually is. In fact, you need a high level Storehouse to protect your valuable resources. This is a good way to deter attackers from seeing you as their target by hiding your resources.They are great to have if you are running farming accounts too.

3. Alliance Center

in Rise of Kingdoms, speed is one of the most important factor and you need a high level Alliance Center to be able to attain the ability to upgrade your buildings at lighting pace. Increasing your Alliance Center level means your alliance members further reduce the building timer and more members can help out with upgrading your buildings. So, go ahead and join one of these top alliances.

4. Hospital

Hospital is very important building to have in Rise of Kingdoms. You need hospitals to heal your troops and having a low level hospital means more of your troops will die on the battlefield — a life-changing game experience when you max out your hospitals.

High level hospitals means they can support more injured troops, heal faster and further protect your resources from going to waste. Because besides who wants to retrain troops that takes some time when you can just heal troops.

Not to forget to mention that at max level, each hospital increases your troops total health by 1%.

5. Scout Camp

In early game, you need to be able to progress quickly and that is done through scouting the map. Your scouts are expert at lifting the fog quickly enough and making contact with tribes, mysterious sites and even provides you intelligence on your enemies.

And, if you are playing as Japan, your scouts gets 30% march speed which helps out a lot with them being able to blaze across the map. So, make sure to upgrade your scout map early on to increase your scout march speed and the number of scouts you can dispatch at a time.

6. Castle

And lastly, Castle is one of the most important building in the game when it comes to utilizing your alliance members as a resources. Without alliance and solid alliance members, Castle is worthless building. Although, when done right it has the potential to shift battles in your favor.

Castle are used to rally armies against barbarian forts, major enemies for loots and to complete events. Rallied armies also gains attack bonus which is nice to have. You also can use Castle to assemble large army to zero the opponents and it is used as a part of city bombing tactics.

7. Wall

Wall is a defensive building in Rise of Kingdoms that provides extra layer of protection for your troops against invaders. They help keep your city in position during the heat of battle. A high Wall level means you can stay in the battle for long enough before the enemies zeroes you.

When your Wall durability falls to zero, your city gets teleport to a random location. To replenish your Wall’s durability, you can use your gems to extinguish the fire or give it time to repair over the time. If being able to control your location and to maintain your position is important to you, upgrade Wall.

Over to You

That’s all governors! These are my top 7 important buildings in Rise of Kingdoms!

If you disagree with my list or felt some of the buildings could be ranked higher or lower in the game. Feel free to drop a comment below and we will talk about it.

Happy building your city!


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