Top 10 Best Meta Commanders and Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms

Ever wondered what’s the best meta commanders in Rise of Kingdoms right now? If you are going to plan ahead and to get your hands on these meta commanders in the game, I have assembled a simple guide to explain the best meta commanders and pairings.

What Does Meta Commanders Means?

Meta commanders means they are currently the best of all in the game. They are like the special flavor of the current season due to their strong skills, talent builds / talent trees, and pairings.

Not everyone is going to play a meta commander or meta pairing, though if you want to gain competitive edge over your opponents, then you should play a meta commander or pairing.

Playing a meta commander and pairing ensures you have the best chance of winning battles in PvP and PvE as well. Getting a meta commander will require some luck and dedication of unlocking the golden chests to collect legendary sculptures and commanders.

Top 10 Best Meta Commanders & Pairings

That being said, I am going to share the top 10 best meta commanders and pairings to play right now in Rise of Kingdoms. Save your legendary sculptures and starlight if you plan on getting one of these meta commanders. So that you can speed level it in no time.

As of current the best meta commanders in Rise of Kingdoms ranked:

Meta Archer Commanders: Yi Seong-Gye + Ramesses II

Meta Archer Commanders

The best meta commanders and pairing for archer is Yi Seong Gye + Ramesses II. One of the main advantage that Yi Seong-Gye brings to the table is +50% damage to active skill. Which greatly improves Ramesses II’s ability to deal significant more damage.

While both benefit each other a lot thanks to same archer specialization. Ramesses II have a passive skill that increases the archer attack by 40% while on the map. In addition to that, there’s a small chance for the troops normal attacks to increase the defense, bolstering this pairing overall attack and defense.

Yi Seong-Gye is capable of delivering widespread damage, allowing him to do even more damage while Ramesses II focuses on doing major blows to a single target. Thus, this pairing does a great job at clearing off multiple targets with high single-target damage.

Meta Infantry Commanders: Guan Yu + Leonidas I

Meta Infantry Commanders

The best meta commanders and pairing for infantry is Guan Yu + Leonidas I. This pairing works the best because both interacts exceptionally well together. Guan Yu’s active skill does more damage as long as he is the primary commander and silences up to 3 targets.

Leonidas I’s active skill does more damage up to 3 targets as long as they are silenced which pretty much makes Guan Yu a requirement for him. When this pairing is on the map, the infantry gains attack and march speed bonus, which makes Guan Yu + Leonidas I a formidable force to fight in the battle.

One of the main advantage that this pairing has up its sleeves is when it falls below 10% army strength, the overall damage done is increased by 400%. Come to think of it, this combo is like a thermonuclear on the move waiting to blow up enemies if things aren’t going your way.

Meta Cavalry Commanders: Genghis Khan + Cao Cao

Meta Cavalry Commanders

The best meta commanders and pairing for cavalry is Genghis Khan + Cao Cao. Genghis Khan is exceptional strong at offensive side thanks to his active skill which has a good chance of dealing damage at no additional cost to rage. When you max out his second skill, the rage requirement for his active skill is reduced to 850.

Pair him with Cao Cao who restores 100 rage with normal troops attack and get heals for 1,000 every time it is triggered. Which helps a lot with making this pairing sturdy and tanky, while strong enough to deliver serious blows to dent through the enemy forces.

The Genghis Khan and Cao Cao pairing is also one of the fastest fighting force in Rise of Kingdoms. It focuses on speed, attack and is still strong enough to withstand rough blows thanks to combination of defenses and strong healing abilities.

Meta Mixed Commanders: Mehmed II + Hannibal Barca

Meta Mixed Commanders

The best meta commanders for doing mixed army is Mehmed II + Hannibal Barca. While Mehmed II is strong enough to work along with any of these commanders above, he is an exceptional nuker and can work with multipurpose troops like infantry, archers and cavalry under his leadership. One of the perk this pairing has over other pairings is double troop capacity, which increases the amount of troops they can command by 20%.

This is a huge improvement because that means the troops under their leadership can do even more damage, withstand more damage and last longer in the battle. Mehmed II excels at dealing damage against multiple targets. But he is also amazing at demolishing enemy garrisons thanks to his enhanced skill which gives him a chance to trigger active skill for free, dealing even more damage.

Hannibal Barca on the other hand is weak all by himself. However, if you pair him as a secondary commander with Mehmed II then he is a very good choice. Because when you are attacking enemy garrisons, Hannibal Barca has a chance to heal troops for 1,000 and there’s no timer restriction on trigger.

Furthermore, when he activates his active skill, the overall damage done by his troops will increase by 15% for a short time. His active skill also reduces the defense of 3 targets by 25% which is nice to have because that helps out with killing the targets fast enough to win the battle.

Meta Barbarian Commanders: Aethelflaed + Lohar

Meta Barbarians Commanders

And lastly, the best meta commanders for hunting and killing the barbarians on map is Aethelflaed + Lohar. This meta commander pairing works the best when you stack pure infantry for chain-farming barbarians since they are much slower and tanky. With Aethelflaed + Lohar combo, you get the best of worlds: accelerated experience gain for faster leveling, tremendous damage boost to the barbarians and of course improved healing.

While having both dedicated barbarian hunters in the same pair means you can’t dispatch multiple groups at the same time. Though, if you follow my barbarian chain-farming guide you will find out that it is much easier and more effective to do so without costing you too much action points.

However in this pairing, Aethelflaed takes the position as primary commander and Lohar takes the position as secondary commander. With Aethelflaed’s peacekeeping talent build, this meta commander pairing will help you barrel through farming the barbarians with ease.

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