Best Infantry Commanders ROK Guide

Best Infantry Commanders Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners

Infantry troops is one of the slowest moving units but tanky in Rise of Kingdoms. They makes an excellent choice for players who wants to be able to absorb some of the heavy blows while dishing out powerful and damaging attacks. This brings us the guide to best infantry commanders to give bonuses to infantry in attack, defense, and health.

If you are looking at the option to flex your ability to withstand rough battles while doing serious amount of damage. You definitely will want to look into selecting a few infantry commanders and start investing your time and effort into them.

In this guide, I am going to share the best infantry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Ranking of these commanders are based on their talent builds, pairings, and skills. Though, some position are debatable. If you see something that you disagree with, feel free to drop a comment here and we will have a conversation.

Why Infantry Commanders?

One reason why you should consider playing infantry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms is mainly because they are one of the tankiest troops in the game. Almost all commanders who specializes with infantry comes with huge health pool and abilities to increase defense / activate shields to absorb heavy blows. Which makes them absolutely a premier choice for late games to hold the frontline while cavalry commanders do the heavy-lift.

If you are in one of the top alliances, it is worth considering rolling infantry commanders so that you can provide some frontline support to your allies. So you will want to know the  best infantry commanders in Rise of Kingdoms to help you plan in advance where to invest your sculptures and when.

Without further ado, here is our best infantry commanders ranked to play right now in the game.

Best Infantry Commanders Infographic

Best Infantry Commanders Rise of Kingdoms

Best Legendary Infantry Commanders in ROK

Guan Yu

Guan Yu Commander ROK

One of the best infantry commander to level up right now is Guan Yu. He is equipped with an active skill that deals 2,000 damage upwards to 3 targets. His passive skill also have a 50% chance to further cause an additional 1,400 damage to the targets. Thus making him one of the deadliest commander on the battlefield.

Under Guan Yu’s leadership, the infantry’s attack is increased by 30% and march speed is increased by 15%. Every time he leaves the battle, a small portion of his troops gets healed and the healing factor gets increased by the number of troops as well as the healing coefficient. His final skill will increase the damage of active skill by 15% for 3 seconds when he gains a shield.

While Guan Yu is supposedly to be “married” to Leonidas I due to strong synergy between these two commanders. It’s also a great idea to pair Guan Yu with another solid commander like Alexander the Great or Charles Martel in order to gain the 15% skill damage bonus.

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great Commander ROK

A legendary commander that’s favorite of mine is Alexander the Great. His active skill grants a shield that absorbs incoming attacks and also gives a small shield to nearby friendly commander. Though, what makes Alexander the Great a very good legendary commander is the ability to dish out major blows to enemies with leading the charge passive skill.

This legendary commander is able to play on the battlefield dynamically by increasing the attack while shield is down and increasing defense when the shield is up. On the map, infantry gains 30% attack and march speed bonus which makes Alexander the Great a highly desired commander.

Richard I

Richard I Commander ROK

Richard I is often the most overlooked legendary commander because some players assumed that he is meant to be a solid defensive commander. However, his skills have proven him to be one of the amazing commander on the field. His active skill heals injured troops and decreases upwards to 5 targets’ march speed by 15% and damage is reduced by 30%

One of his passive skill increases the amount of healing received by 30% and reduces damage taken from the enemy watchtower. Which makes him an ideal choice to pair with any infantry commanders to conquer enemy cities. Infantry also get a flat 15% attack and defense when you max Richard I’s Lionheart passive skill.

Charles Martel

Charles Martel Commander ROK

Another great legendary infantry commander that I think is worth considering investing your time and effort in is Charles Martel. His active skill gives a massive shield that absorbs incoming damage and at the same time, increases the damage done by 30% which will really benefit Guan Yu a lot.

While Charles Martel plays more on the defensive side as Richard I does, he comes with the advantage of being able to reduce counterattack damage by 30%, which plays nicely when an enemy decides to attack you. Out of all commanders, Charles Martel gives the biggest flat buff to infantry, increasing health, defense and march speed by 20% with the enhanced skill.

Constantine I

Constantine I Commander ROK

Don’t get me wrong, Constantine I is great for holding out against rallied armies due to his passive skill that does a large amount of healing and reduces skill damage taken by 40% when shield. This makes him absolutely ideal to pair with Charles Martel (optimal) or Alexander the Great (not recommended, but if you don’t have Charles Martel, then he is a secondary option).

One reason why Constantine I is amazing at defending your city is because the health of infantry troops is increased by 40%. At the same time, his active skill reduces the enemy’s attack by 40% and reduces his army and nearby friendly armies damage taken by 10%. Which makes him an ideal commander for holding the frontline.

Leonidas I

Leonidas I Commander ROK Profile

Lastly, Leonidas is another legendary infantry commander that’s worth considering. He may not be the best commander on his own, however, he is married to Guan Yu due to strong synergy — the ability to silence multiple targets and allowing the pairing to deliver devastating blow.

Leonidas I excels at boosting the infantry troops attack while on the map. One perk he comes with is that when the army strength under his leadership falls below 10%, all of his troops goes into rage mode that increases the overall damage by 400% temporarily. Which is actually a nice skill to have and acts as the last stand to do some serious amount of damage.

Best Epic Infantry Commanders in ROK

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu Commander ROK

One of the best and easiest epic infantry commander to level up right away is Sun Tzu. You can get him as your starting commander if you are playing as China. But, the main reason why Sun Tzu ranks as first epic commander to pick for infantry troops is due to his solid active skill and strong passive skills. His active skill deals damage upwards to 5 targets and generates rage fast.

Plus his passive skill increases the damage of active skill by 20% which is amazing to have, further cementing his position as the best epic infantry commander in Rise of Kingdoms. Master Strategist, which is a passive skill gives 10% flat bonus to infantry’s attack and defense value — a must-have buff.

Eulji Mundeok

Eulji Mundeok Commander ROK

Another decent epic infantry commander to consider leveling up is Eulji Mundeok. You can get him as your starting commander if you choose Korea as your civilization in Rise of Kingdoms. While he is primary well-suited for defending your city, one of his passive skill gives his troops a 10% chance to deal 100% extra damage. Which can quite turn lethal if you are lucky.

At the same time, Eulji Mundeok’s active skill reduces the enemy target defense by 30% and does a serious amount of damage. This enables his troops to effectively repel the enemy invaders with ease. Great commander to pick for any players who wants to protect their cities, like mini farming accounts against predators.

Top 1 Best Civilization for Infantry Commanders


Rise of Kingdoms Rome

There’s really only one good civilization that works well with infantry commanders and it is Rome. Of course, you can play as Japan or France if you want to take advantage of the troops health bonus. But you won’t get traits that Rome has to offer which pretty much goes well with players who wants to specialize in infantry commanders.

With Rome, you gain 5% infantry defense bonus and march speed. Which helps out a lot when pairing with infantry commanders to maximize your combat advantages. This is the civilization I highly recommended for doing infantry armies.

Conclusion of Best Infantry Commanders

And that’s all Governors! I hope you find this guide helpful and informative to tailor your own commander roster. This guide is intended to help you decide which commander to invest in and which one to pair with to maximize your ability to fight in the battles against other players.

If you disagree with these ranked commanders, please feel free to comment below and we will strike a conversation. We are looking forward to this to foster knowledgeable and skilled Rise of Kingdoms community. Happy ruling, Governors!

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