Top Best Game Mechanisms Rise of Kingdoms

Top 12 Best Game Mechanisms You Need to Know in Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is an incredible popular real-time strategy game. So it is a no wonder that there’s several game mechanisms you need to know in order to play effectively and to raise your skill cap to differ apart new players who is just starting off.

In this guide, I am going to share top 12 game mechanisms you need to know about while playing Rise of Kingdoms. If you are new to the game, it’s a good opportunity to learn and take advantage of these game mechanisms to gain edge over your competitors.

Below is my top 12 game mechanisms you need to know in Rise of Kingdoms:

1. Dispatch Quickly by Dragging From Your City

How to Dispatch Quickly Rise of Kingdoms

To dispatch your troops quickly, tap and hold your city then drag your finger away from it. This will prompt a dispatch menu to show up, allowing you to choose your commanders and troops as you normally would.

This game mechanism is nice to know because you do not have to click on a structure or enemy in order to send a dispatch. Which makes it a much faster option to get your commanders and troops in the battlefield.

Additionally, you can double-tap to select all dispatches in a group on the battlefield.

2. Utilize Your Hospitals Properly

How to Heal Quickly In Rise of Kingdoms

When your troops is healing in your hospitals, you have the option to heal all of them at once and get helped by your alliance to speed up the timer.

Although, you actually can accelerate the timer by healing your troops in a small batches. Do like 5% to 10% of your total troops and heal them. This enable your alliance to help you multiple times and is a much quicker process of doing that.

Plus, you don’t need to use your healing speedup or any of your valuable tokens.

3. Complete Skillful Craftsman

The Skillful Craftsman is a daily quest which requires you to construct or upgrade a structure in your city. This daily quest can be particular challenging if your structures is already high level and you are pretty much decked out with ton of stuff.

But, there’s a way around this. To complete the Skillful Craftsman, you can simply build a tree or road tile and it will complete the quest.

4. Daily Special Offer Chest

Daily Special Offer Chest Rise of Kingdoms

Did you know that your daily special offer chest is guaranteed to give you a random amount of legendary commander sculptures every time you open the chest 3 times?

The daily special offer chest have the possibility of giving you: Cao Cao / Charles Martel / El Cid / Julius Caesar / Mehmed II / Frederick I.

If you are hunting for legendary commanders to expand your roster, make sure to open your daily special offer chest to reap in the legendary commander sculptures.

5. Alexander & Charles Martel Shield Don’t Stack

While the idea of having 2 shields up at the same time to mitigate large amount of damage and crippling the nukers’ powerful skills to just a wet noodle slap sounds absolutely like heaven.

But it’s not actually possible to have 2 shields up at the same time. If either one of the activate a shield while the current shield is up, it will replace the old one — hence cancelling it.

Therefore, it’s best to keep Alexander the Great and Charles Martel separate if you want to be able to maximize their combat effectiveness out in the field.

6. Some Commanders’ Buffs Don’t Work on Structures

Another important game mechanism in Rise of Kingdoms that you need to be aware is that commanders like Leonidas I, Edward of Woodstock and Ramesses II have passive skills that increases their troops combat effectiveness while on the map.

This buff do not work if these commanders are stationed inside a structure, meaning your city, alliance fortress, resource spot, alliance flag, and anything that is considered as garrisoning.

If you want to maximize these passive skills that grants troops bonuses throughout the duration of dispatch, make sure that they are fighting on the map in order to take advantage of these skills.

7. Rally Army & Damage

Rally Army Rise of Kingdoms

As you probably have seen this already throughout your gaming career in Rise of Kingdoms that the amount of damage the rally army deals and intake damage depends on several factors:

  • The troop size of your rallied army.
  • The incoming damage output from enemy garrison and Barbarian fort.
  • Attributes that factors in the battle i.e, skills.

More attributes and more troops your rally army has, the more damage you will do and the less damage you take.

8. Stronger Debuffs / Buffs Overrides Weak Ones

Most of the debuffers / buffers like Aethelflaed, Hannibal Barca, and Attila are incredible strong enough to override the weak ones. If you are pairing one of those commanders with other commander, it’s ideal to do with a commander who have active skill that deals damage than have two debuffers / buffers in a pair.

9. War Frenzy in Expedition Mode

War Frenzy Rise of Kingdoms

Did you know that you can take advantage of the War Frenzy buff before you enter Expedition?

War Frenzy is simply a status of your city that becomes active once you launch attack or scout an enemy city / resource points and buildings.

This increases the attack of your troops by 3% and lasts for 10 to 15 minutes depending on your City Hall level. A great game mechanism to gain attack boost before doing your Expedition Mode.

10. Stack Rally Army

One of the game mechanism you can also take advantage if you have a rally commander such as Mehmed II who excels at multipurpose troops thanks to leadership or Genghis Khan who excels at cavalry thanks to his skill tree and skills.

You can do a fully single-type troop rally by encouraging your alliance members in chip in their unique units to maximize the buffs. Alternatively, you can use commanders like Mehmed II and Hannibal Barca if you want to do mixed army as they will gain bonus in both attack and defense thanks to their leadership skill.

If you are doing a cavalry rally, stick to cavalry only. Infantry rally, stick to infantry only and so on. This ensures these troops gain massive boost from your commanders’ skills to maximize the damage and reduce incoming damage.

11. Save Your Action Points

Barbarians Farming Rise of Kingdoms

If you are farming barbarians, you actually can save your action points and stretch it even further.

This is possible via chain-farming barbarians. But, in order to do this, you will need Aethelflaed and stack her with infantry only since they are slow moving and tanky.

Which means Aethelflaed will be able to maintain aggroing the barbarian while collecting other groups then nuke them down with her AOE active skill.

12. City Bombing Your Enemies Into Oblivion

City Bombing is a game mechanism and also one of the most feared tactics in Rise of Kingdoms. Basically to do this, you will have to be Britain since they gain 20% bonus garrison capacity. If you are not Britain, garrison your troops in a city who is Britain.

Then teleport the garrison city next to the opponent that you want to take down. Initiate rally for 5 minutes that will leave the targeted player very little time to respond. If done right, city bombing can be really devastating for stronger players watching their power getting crippled to zero.


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