Top 3 Best Ways to Spend Your Gems

Top 3 Best Ways to Spend Your Gems

Welcome to our guide on how to spend your gems in Rise of Kingdoms. If you are looking for best ways to get the most bang out while casually spending your gems that you accumulated during the quests and daily events.

We have assembled top 3 best ways to spend your gems and you will be doing that during More Than Gems event in Rise of Kingdoms. Here’s how you can accomplish more with your gems during this special event!

More Than Gems Rise of Kingdoms Event

What is More Than Gem Event?

More Than Gems is a special event where you have to spend your gems in order to complete the quests for rewards. There’s top 3 best ways to spend your gems wisely that will have an excellent return on investments:

  • Buy the VIP Points.
  • Buy items in your VIP Shop.
  • Buy items you need in the Courier Station.

To plan in advance, you can check the event schedule to see when More Than Gems event is approaching. Once you have the date locked down, you can start stockpiling gems.

Why Should You Spend Your Gems for This Event?

More Than Gems is one of the best event to buy VIP points using your gems. This works because you are doing 2 things at a time.

You will get awesome rewards from the events such as:

  • Legendary Commander Sculptures
  • Golden Keys
  • Resources Packs
  • Speedup Packs
  • Tomes

Best More Than Gems Event Rewards

More Than Gems event is an important time for the players who wants to spend a little bit of their money to obtain these rewards.

But any F2P players can do that and get these rewards too if they stockpile on gems. My recommendation for doing this method is to save all the gems since the beginning of kingdom creation.

However, if you can’t break into the 25K, try to aim 7K Gems as obtaining the legendary commander sculptures is essential for upgrading your legendary commanders’ skills.

What About VIP Level Status?

Spend your gems on leveling up your VIP Level to 6 first. Items that can be bought using gems should be purchased during the More Than Gems event so you can reach the goals and get items you wanted at the same time.

This event allows you to get rewards while spending on important items and further upgrading your VIP level which is pretty much a win-win situation for F2P players.

Enjoy getting more rewards while you get to spend your gems during the More Than Gems event! Bountiful of rewards is on the way and don’t forget to take advantage of these free legendary commanders sculptures! Powerful commanders like Genghis Khan and Mehmed II will surely thank you for that!


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