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Top 12 KvK Mistakes to Avoid in Rise of Kingdoms

New to The Lost Kingdom and wondering what you should be doing? Don’t make these KvK mistakes that other players are doing while you are battling against other kingdom. In KvK, it is common for players to make these mistakes that ends up costing them time, points and rewards.

To maximize your efficiency and make the most out of your resources and manpower. You should avoid making these mistakes while you are in a KvK battle in The Lost Kingdom. There is 12 mistakes to watch out… keep your eyes peeled.

1. Not Farming Individual Points Effectively

Lost Kingdom Individual Ranking

One of the biggest KvK mistakes you can make is not farming individual points effectively. This is common because a lot of new players start farming barbarians that are level 26 – 30. They don’t give that much points at all and you end up wasting your action points.

Converse your action points and start hitting once the barbarians spawns between 31 to 35. Also be sure to take advantage of chain-farming method to extend your action points. Aethelflaed, Baibars and any peacekeeping commanders paired with commanders who has strong AoE skills will do quick work out of them.

Eventually, the Barbarian Forts will start to generate more points value per action points. I highly recommend dispatching your armies once the Barbarian Forts reaches level 8 and higher to get more return from spending your action points.

Whenever you are recovering your action points, send at least some of your armies to gather resources. You definitely will need ton of resources to prepare for massive wars to sustain against the enemy kingdom. Always keep sending out your gathering commanders.

Additionally, your alliance needs to participate and capture Ruins and Altar of Darkness in order to earn individual points. Not only you will also earn individual points for yourself, but gain alliance points that will help propel both your individual ranking and alliance ranking.

2. Not Farming Alliance Honor Effectively

Lost Kingdom Alliance Ranking

Another KvK mistake you can make is not farming alliance honor effectively. You need to communicate with each alliance within your kingdom. Figure it out with your alliance on which to dump the honor points rewards from capturing the holy sites for the first time.

If two of alliances happens to come from your kingdom. Communicate to split the rewards based on ranking. Some players made a mistake by joining another alliance in their kingdom, claiming rewards and not returning to their hold alliance to also claim the alliance honor points.

Not only it hurts their alliance points, but also hurts the player in the progression. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure you take advantage of it by claiming. Players, including you in your kingdoms needs to focus on sandbagging one or two alliance within your region to take advantage of the rewards.

Think about this, is it better for few to benefit in your kingdom or none at all while other kingdoms gets stronger?

3. Not Taking Diplomatic Approach

Diplomacy Rise of Kingdoms

In The Lost Kingdom, you definitely will need to work with other kingdoms. I hate to say this, but you do need them because in the Crusader Achievements, you need to capture Crusader Camps from other kingdom.

There are two ways to do this: capture it by force or you can do it diplomatically. Sometimes you do end up with a kingdom who have sheer numbers and activity but lacks diplomacy.

An unified kingdom with strong diplomacy always end up being stronger than waging wars against opponents. Taking a diplomatic approach is the best cure to protecting your kingdom’s interest and others’ interest as well.

4. Not Cooperating With Alliances

This is especially very important in Kingdom versus Kingdom battles. It is one of the hardest and most challenging thing to do. But you can solve it by building relationships with other alliances early in beginning of the game in your home kingdom.

Show other alliances that you support them. In return, they will show you their support. Make sure to rotate officers and leaders to maintain online status and to continue grow relationship with other players in home kingdom.

This is how many successful kingdoms rise to power through cooperating with alliances and doing it diplomatically. Make a lot friends, less enemies and more power to all of you! As I quote a famous phrase: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

5. Not Using Voice Chat

Having a voice chat is pretty much mandatory for playing KvK battles. Voice tools like Whatsapp / Discord and even Mumble are pretty good. They are used to summon players when there is incoming wars so that you can jump into action right away.

The value of having voice tools is being able to communicate and deliver orders in real-time. Plus, you do get to talk with real people and sometimes you get to learn other country’s language. This is an awesome way to make new friends!

Personally, I am an English speaker but I used to be in a few Russian-speaking alliances and got to learn quite a bit of their Cyrillic language. So, I do highly recommend using the voice chat as you get to interact with people in a digital world and probably get to meet them in person sometimes!

6. Not Preparing Against Block Strategy

Pass Block Strategy

This is one of the most annoying, yet an effective and smart strategy that prevents opponents from building a flag to capture the pass. Opponents do this by placing the city next to the pass which prevented any alliances from building the flag.

Thus, the alliance who wanted to capture the pass would have to attack the city and burn it down so that they can teleport randomly anywhere else. The Pass Block strategy is an effective method used to delay incoming wars between the kingdoms.

7. No Bank Accounts

Bank Account Rise of Kingdoms

First of all, a Bank Account is where your alliance can pool in resources by dispatching to a player who is acting as a bank account. The idea of having a bank account is to supply players during the war.

Some players transformed their mini farming accounts into bank accounts to be able to provide support to players whenever they need help. Just simply send resources to players who needs help in a manner that will not deplete the bank accounts quickly.

Here’s a general bank rules to run it successfully:

  • Donate at least 200K resources / day.
  • Request for resources for healing / upgrade up to 50% of the cost.
  • Submit coordinates and teleport closer. (In this case, you will be the one who is teleporting)

8. Not Having Teleports

Again, this is easily one of the worst KvK mistakes you can ever make in Rise of Kingdoms. Whenever you are joining in the wars, you need to have at least a couple or three teleports. You can buy more via your Alliance Shop and grab the Territorial Teleport since it is cheaper to buy.

Before you go offline, make sure to teleport out of the war zone. Often of the times, players would just station their cities in the war zones and only come on to see their alliance flags was burned down. Which is an indication that they are going to get zero.

So, buy at least few teleports from your Alliance Shop. If you don’t see any, ask your leader or officers to restock them. It is also worth to buy a few peace shields if you plan to stay in the war zone for a bit longer and will return to game after resting or sleeping.

9. Not Following Alliance Instructions

Alliance Markers ROK

A lot of players in Rise of Kingdoms don’t follow what the markers tells them to do. This is one of the main reason why some top alliances collapsed because the players aren’t willing to do them. Hence, the refusal to cooperate.

You can check to see what kind of markers your alliance has left by navigating to the star icon next to your governor profile. Tap on it to view the markers on map. Alternatively, you can check it via your alliance mails to view.

10. Not Knowing What Troops to Send

One of common mistakes in KvK is not knowing what troops to send for rallying armies. A lot of players simply ignore the direction of what troops to send specifically. This is a game mistake you should avoid making it entirely.

I think majority of the players do not actually understands how commanders works in Rise of Kingdoms. If they says send archers only, it is because of that specific commander gives major attack, defense, march speed, and health bonus to archers only.

You definitely will want to make the most use out of it. And the advantage of doing this is reducing causalities, doing more damage and improve your alliance’s overall combat effectiveness. So make sure you know what troops you are sending.

Here’s a few guides to help you get started:

Best commanders for commanding specific troops:

11. Not Setting Power Expectations

Another fatal mistake is not prioritizing your alliance’s power expectations. This is another KvK mistake you will want to avoid making before entering The Lost Kingdom. Because the power expectations is much higher in The Lost Kingdom, you need to set expectation for your alliance members to grow.

Most players start entering The Lost Kingdom when they are roughly at 5 to 6 million power or when they have T4 troops. If you enter the map with T3 and a relative low power, you will struggle to succeed in the game. Therefore, always set a power expectation to promote growth and if your alliance members can’t reach the goal, delegate them to a farming alliance.

You can quickly grow your power via following these guides:

12. Not Having Fun

The Ultimate Free-to-Play Rise of Kingdoms Guide

All in seriousness, having fun in KvK battle is a must-have trait. Sure, it can get quite competitive sometimes when you are putting up against gargantuan players from other kingdoms. But through working together with alliances and other players in various regions, it is possible to take down even the most mightiest kingdom in The Lost Kingdom.

Make sure you follow these tips during the KvK battles. Communicate with your alliance members, follow the instructions, set expectations, send the right troops, have a voice tool to respond quickly in-game and have a bank account (it can be for your entire alliance or your personal account).

That’s all governors, I hope you found these top 12 KvK mistakes helpful and useful. Don’t be like that guy who makes mistakes. In the end, it will cost you time, power and reputation. So, avoid making these mistakes at all the cost if you want to win the game.


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