How to Level Up Your Commanders Fast

Ultimate Guide to Level Up Your Commanders Fast

Tired of seeing your opponents marching around with their high-level commanders? If you are a Free-to-Play player like me and you are wondering how to level up your commanders fast. Then you have came to the right place because in this guide, I am going to teach you how to level up your commanders the easy and quick way.

This involves following some of my recommended game strategy to maximize your progress in Rise of Kingdoms. Before we start, I want to let you know that leveling up your commanders will take time and dedication. As long as you remain focused and making steady progression, you should have no problem maxing out your first commander within a couple of months.

Without further ado, here’s how to level up your commanders fast in Rise of Kingdoms!

Focus on One Commander at a Time

Commanders Rise of Kingdoms

One of the most easiest and early game mistakes you can make is spreading your focus too thin, which means leveling up too many commanders at a time. This will hinder your ability to advance in Expedition Mode, camping high-level barbarians and even participating in events that involves killing stronger opponents.

A high-level commander is much more valuable compared to a low-level commander. That’s because, my friend, these high-level commanders have more power and can dominate opponents easily. Not just only that, they will be able to progress quickly since their high-level commander can easily battle against tougher enemies that rewards more experience and loot.

My advice to you is to focus on one commander at a time. Think about which commander you want to use and remember, once you invest in that commander it is going to stick around forever. So, make sure you pick a good commander to start with. You can visit my commanders page to see recommended epic commanders for beginners, but I will drop an abbreviated list here:

Best Epic Commanders for Beginners:

They all are great for combat which definitely should be your main choice on primary account. If you plan to have a few mini farming accounts, then Joan of Arc should be your top choice.

Do Expedition Mode to Build Up Experience Gain

Expedition Mode ROK

One of the coolest thing about doing Expedition Mode is that if you complete missions with 3 stars. You can just tap on collect to get all of the rewards including Tomes that you can use to give experience to your selected commanders.

The more stages you completed, the more books you get and the more experience you can funnel to your main commander. Doing the Expedition Mode have a very nice return on investment. Make sure to do that game mode as often as you can and push further to maximize the number of tomes that you can get.

Increase Your VIP Status Level


Another way you can do it the easy way is to increase your VIP Status Level. The higher your VIP is, the better your VIP chest will be and that means more experience books. For beginners who are starting off in Rise of Kingdoms, I recommend rushing your VIP Status to level 6.

Afterwards, you can decide whether to keep investing all of your gems to further upgrade your VIP level or spend on something else. Many players decided to keep pouring their gems to upgrade VIP level anyway and that’s actually a good thing.

Not only you will get more experience books from the daily VIP chest, but other rewards like golden key, commander sculptures and even starlight sculptures that you will need when time comes to upgrading your commanders.

Do Sunset Canyon & Win Battles for Experience

Sunset Canyon ROK

Did you know that if you win the battle in Sunset Canyon, you will get 10 Level 3 tomes that gives your commander 1,000 experience each? For starters, you can participate in the battle up to three times. However, as you increase your VIP status, the number of Sun Canyon grows.

Which means you can join more battles and win more books. This is also one of the main reason why many players chose to keep pouring their gems in upgrading their VIP status afterwards and I would recommend you to do the same thing.

Chain Farm Barbarians

Barbarians Farming Rise of Kingdoms

You actually don’t have to spend your action points every time you dispatch an army to fight barbarian. Instead, you could be stretching your action points and get even more experience. In order for this to work, you will have to chain-farm barbarians.

Which often involves using a commander with AoE skill as the primary commander. I recommend either Aethelflaed or Baibars (Sun Tzu don’t work since his AoE is targeted unlike the other two commanders). Then pair them with one of the best peacekeeping commanders for increased damage and experience gain.

Make sure to stack infantry only since they are slow moving, tanky and won’t lose the barbarian’s aggro. This makes it much easier for you to group up barbarians without using your action points at all. A very nice nifty trick that will level up your commanders quickly.

Conclusion of How to Level Up Your Commanders Fast

That’s all Governors! I hope you found these methods to leveling up your commanders fast helpful and insightful. Make sure to progression daily so that you are further increasing your gain. Focus on one commander at a time.

Once you max your main commander, focus on the next commander and do the same thing. This whole process will become easier and easier the more progression you make. I promise you. Happy ruling Governors!

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