How to Chain Farm Barbarians Rise of Kingdoms ROK

How to Chain Farm Barbarians Effectively in ROK

Welcome Governors,

Today I am going to teach you how to chain farm barbarians quickly and effectively without having to spend too much of your Action Points (AP) in Rise of Kingdoms.

As a matter of fact, you can easily farm upwards to 10 barbarians using only 40 AP. The trick to chain farming barbarians requires commanders with Peacekeeping ability to maximize damage done, experience boost and of course get more resources from victorious battles.

Getting Started with Chain Farming Barbarians

Before we get started, you need to prepare first by following our recommended step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Preparation

First and foremost, you want to teleport to a right angle which is covered by mountains in Zone 3. You can locate all Barbarians between Level 1 to 25.

In that zone, the barbarians usually spawn closely in a tight area. Which makes it easier to chain farm barbarians as opposed as when your City Hall is in a wide open field.

Step 2: Select a Primary Commander

The path to chain farming barbarians effectively requires you to have Aethelflaed as your primary commander. Because she is one of the only commanders who can do splash damage and group up barbarians.

She also comes with peacekeeping ability which makes her one of the best pick for hunting barbarians. Although, if you do not have her yet, then your alternative primary commanders are:

Important Note: 

For best chain farming barbarians performance, I highly recommend using infantry as they are slower and will not lose barbarians’ sight while you are kiting to get more barbarian groups.

Step 3: Select a Secondary Commander

Ideally, you want to have a secondary commander who has splash / AOE damage active skill to assist with grouping the barbarians and killing them all at the same time.

The easiest commander to start with for the secondary role is Mehmed II. However, you can always opt for an alternative choice if you don’t have him yet. As the following order ranks in the best commanders for helping out with chain farming barbarians is:

Important Note:

Make sure your primary commander is skilled into Trophy Hunter, which gives you 15 Level 1 Resource Pack C (Grants 1,000 Food / 1,000 Wood / 750 Stone or 500 Gold randomly) after defeating barbarians.

Chain Farming Barbarians Rise of Kingdoms ROKThis is a nice way to reap in resources handsomely for less Action Points spent.

Step 4: Start Chain Farming Barbarians

The next step in this guide will show you how to start chain-farming barbarians. To do this, you need to follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Search for all Barbarians from Level 1 to Level 25. (Note, there’s a 1 minute restriction after spawning more than 4 barbarians group. You will have to wait before spawning more).
  • Keep doing until you reach 25 Barbarian Groups from Level 1 to Level 25.
  • Launch attack at the highest level Barbarians & pull to other barbarian groups. Your dispatch will defend themselves and use AoE active skill which will damage other barbarians.

Over to You

Did you find our guide on how to chain farm barbarians helpful and clear? Doing this method is even more helpful when you are also running a mini farming account since you can spawn more barbarians for your main account.

I would recommend placing your farming accounts at least 10KM from your main account so that you can quickly spawn barbarians. Get back to farming now, Governors.

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