How to Create Mini Farming Account

How to Create Mini Farming Account in Rise of Kingdoms

Did you know that almost every players in Rise Kingdoms have at least their own mini farming account to help their main account grow? In fact, it is actually a game design that the developers intended to include this game function.

If you are not rich like me or majority of the players in Rise of Kingdoms, you definitely will want to create and manage your own mini farming account.

Behold, here’s our F2P guide on how to create a mini farming account in Rise of Kingdoms!

The main purpose of this guide is to teach you how to run a mini farming account and funneling the resources to your main account. Not just only that you will be able to progress at accelerated pace, you will be able to perform two small rallies for farming purposes with relative ease.

Running a mini farming account doesn’t require that much of your time since you will be assigning the commanders to farming for most of the time.

Though, you do need to spend a bit of your time on doubling the farming speed and to a higher extent. Which will be explained more in details further in this guide.

Without further ado, I am going to share some of my top tips to maximize your farming speed and catapult your main account to even higher level!

How to Create Mini Farming Account

Step 1: Create an Account Using Game Center / Google Account

You can create another account on the same game account you are playing on. However, if you are concern about the risk of losing both accounts, you can create another account on a different game center / google account.

For optimal game experience, I recommend creating a mini farming account on the same game account so that you don’t have to switch around that much. Plus, you will be able to manage easily without too much of hassle.

Step 2: Pick Best Civilization for Farming Account

The next step is picking the best civilization for your own mini farming account. Below is our top 5 best civilization for farming resources:

  1. France: If you have plenty of time for gathering the resources, France is the best pick. The starting commander is Joan of Arc and she excels at gathering resources as well as killing barbarians. Great for harvesting wood.
  2. Japan: This civilization comes with 5% harvesting speed to all resources which is decent. But it is the only civilization that increases your gold farming speed. Unless you need a lot of gold which is required for training Tier 3 / Tier 4 / Tier 5 troops, resources and high level buildings.
  3. ByzantiumGreat for farming stone, simply put.
  4. SpainIf you prefer to let your mini farming account on idle on, this is the best civilization. It comes with increased resource production speed and is great for those players who don’t have that much time.
  5. RomeThis civilization is great for moving around fast on the map and bringing back resources to your city. If you need extra food, Rome comes with improved food harvesting speed.

How to Manage & Maintain Your Mini Farming Account

Step 1: Decide the Ideal City Hall Level

Before you start your own mini farming account, you need to decide what level you want your city hall to be for the farming account.

To put in a simple sentence, if you don’t want to invest too much time then get your city hall to level 11 quickly as possible. At that level, you will have 3 dispatches available. For those who have a lot of time, you will want to increase your city hall to level 22 in order to have 5 dispatches available.

Use these leveling guidelines to help you determine the ideal city hall level for your farming account:

  • City Hall level 11: 3 dispatches
  • City Hall level 17: 4 dispatches
  • City Hall level 22: 5 dispatches

Step 2: How do I Upgrade First?

A simple guideline for those players who just want to cut to the chase, this is the steps you need to get your farming account up and running:

  1. Upgrade the City Hall to Level 11.
  2. Get VIP Level 6 as fast as possible.
  3. Max out resource production buildings.
  4. Construct Trading Post
  5. Max out Storage
  6. Max out Hospitals
  7. Research Economic Technologies
  8. Level up Gathering Commanders (Constance, Sarka, Lohar, Joan of Arc and Cleopatra VII all are amazing at harvesting resources)

How to Protect Your Farming Account

Step 1: Level Up Garrison Commanders

Farming accounts can be extremely profitable for these hawkish players. So you always want to protect your farming account at all cost.

In fact, you can prevent your farming account from being raided. To do this, you will need to invest in commanders with garrison ability, level up, and star up.

Here’s a list of best gathering starters for protecting your farming account from being raided:

That’s all governors! Have fun with running your mini farming account!


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