Beginner's Guide to Growth Fund ROK

Best Beginner’s Guide to Growth Fund in Rise of Kingdoms

If you have been playing Rise of Kingdoms for a while, you most likely came across Growth Fund. Often of the time I get the question: is it worth to buy Growth Fund? Sure, it is just all gems and you get it when your City Hall reaches a certain level.

But at the price value, it does certainly make you wonder if it is really worth buying it since you can easily get packs for roughly five dollars. Although, if you are new to the game and you want to spend a little bit of your money, you might want to consider buying Growth Fund.

Which is why I will explain about Growth Fund and how it can help you growth quickly — fast enough to be a competing power when you participate in the events such as Clarion Call and Karuak Ceremony. Without further ado, let’s find out why you should consider getting the Growth Fund in Rise of Kingdoms.

What is Growth Fund?

Growth Fund Rise of Kingdoms

Growth Fund is ultimately your path to power and freedom to reign in the kingdom. It consists of gems that you can claim every time your City Hall reaches certain level. For instance, if your City Hall reaches level 5, you get 800 gems and 1,300 for level 8.

If you have a high City Hall level, you still can claim all of the gems prior to your current level. But before you can buy Growth Fund, you need to reach to VIP Level 5. For beginners, I highly recommend investing all of your gems into upgrading your VIP to Level 6 fast so that you can unlock permanent second builder.

And even after that, still invest your gems in VIP Status. For me personally, I prefer to have VIP Level 13 / 14 since you get more attempts at the Sunset Canyon and bigger rewards from the daily VIP chest. These gems you get from Growth Fund is great for speed upgrading your VIP Status, seriously.

What is the Perks of Growth Fund?

Rise of Kingdoms Gems Bundles

One of the biggest perks for having Growth Fund is that the effect is permanent. Once you buy it, it is all yours and as long as you upgrade your City Hall, you will receive gems. The amount of gems increases significantly as you progress.

To draw comparison and show the true value of Growth Fund. If you visit the Gems Store, you will see that at the same price if you bought the 4,600 gems which will cost you $19.99. Growth Fund only costs $14.99 and when you add all of the gems together, you end up with 81,000 gems, 81,000 gems!

That is 4 times more  compared to the most expensive gems in the store which costs $99.99 to get (to get the same amount, you will have to spend roughly $400). This is a huge difference in terms of price and amount of gems you get with Growth Fund in exchange for time.

Should You Get the Growth Fund?

Growth Fund ROK

If you were to ask me whether you should get the Growth Fund, I would say definitely yes. At the price Growth Fund has to offer, you get the following perks:

  • Only costs you $14.99
  • Get 81,000 Gems in total.
  • Gives you incentive to reach your City Hall to Level 25.

In nutshell, you only have to spend $15 dollars just to get whooping 81,000 gems! This is a great way to get started in Rise of Kingdoms and one of the best way to spend your money wisely.

Bonus points, if you spend during More Than Gems event, you will get even more rewards for completing the event objectives. A double win situation for you.

Over to You!

Now, the next time you want to spend something in Rise of Kingdoms. Buying the Growth Fund should be your first choice to set the rail for your civilization to grow quickly. There is nothing else that I can highly recommend buying than making the Growth Fund your first priority.

I hope you find this beginner’s guide to Growth Fund helpful and insightful. If you happen to have any questions about this pack, feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. Happy ruling, Governors!

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