How to City Bombing in Rise of Kingdoms ROK

How to City Bombing in Rise of Kingdoms

One of the most powerful and effective combat tactics in Rise of Kingdoms is called City Bombing. This combat tactics involves a well organized-alliance who can outplay top alliances and even widen the gap with weak alliances.

Out of all the combat tactics I have seen and heard in Rise of Kingdoms, City Bombing is basically a home run and doesn’t take that much of coordination. With the right timing and smart strategy, it can easily become one of the most feared combat tactics.

What is City Bombing?

City Bombing (or Jump as some players in ROK coined the term as) is when you reinforce a city with multiple marches before teleport it into combat. You can teleport your city to close the gap before launching a 5 minutes rally and spilling it out into the field all at once.

Furthermore, you can use it to ambush an opponent that’s much stronger than your alliance. This combat tactics depends on the level of your castle and its rallied troops capacity.

For starters, it’s easy to transport upwards to 3-7 armies before teleport your city into combat. With a little coordination, you can easily city bomb multiple enemy garrisons.

The price of doing this method will cost yourself a regional teleport.

Bonus Tips:

  • You can save gems by buying teleport via Alliance Store
  • Use a British City (Britain) for City Bombing, since they get 20% garrison capacity bonus.

How Does City Bombing Works?

The prerequisite for city bombing is simple as it is. You will need to meet the requirements before you can teleport your city into combat:

  • No troop marches marching.
  • No commanders fighting.
  • No scouts scouting.
  • No farmers farming.
  • You can’t teleport if your city is under siege.

However, it never said anything about emptying your castle for reinforcements. Hence, city bombing is possible as long as you meet the requirements.

What’s the Applications for City Bombing?

There’s several applications for city bombing that will give you edge over your opponents. Here’s why you will want to consider using city bombing tactics in Rise of Kingdoms:

Faster Rallies

Using the city bombing tactics, you eliminate two of the biggest time factors in the game:

  • No wait time for troops to arrive.
  • Rallying the army takes short time to reach its target.

If you have done well eliminating the time factors, then your opponents will only have up to 5 minutes to react to incoming attack.

You also can ask one of your friend, preferable Britain player, to come along with you if doing a single city bomb isn’t enough. The more flexibility your alliance can work along with city bombing, the merrier you all are!

Lighting Fast Field Deployments

Another advantage for using the city bombing tactics is to join field battles. This eliminates one of the biggest challenge coordinating massive wars: getting everyone in the same place at the same time.

This depends on where the battle is happening and it can be a challenge to get everyone to group up safely with regular marching speed.

In addition to that, doing a surprise field deployments can catch your opponents off-guard. Which makes it one of the most extremely effective tactics in the game.

Though, the downside to this is that you won’t be able to recall your army or heal it up. If the battle is small and doing the city bomb isn’t your main attacking tactics. Then this is a good tactics to use.

However, if the battle is going to be long then you might want to reconsidering using city bombing tactics as it will involve porting several cities together as opposed as reinforcing them as city bombs.

Take Down Stronger Players

Rise of Kingdoms is a very different gaming genre whereas other games when whales reach to a certain point where they are simply too strong for the regular folks.

Players resort to using words as fighting tactics.

But, one of the best feature that Rise of Kingdoms has to offer is field battles. While you can’t stand up all by yourself alone in your Kingdom. A group of players can easily take down an enemy whale’s march with simple teamwork.

And it all takes a city bombing to pull it off.

Which means you will need to prepare a city bomb. Once you have located your enemy’s whale march out of the position — away from buildings or cites that they can hide in. Port in their path and strike them hard.

The numbers of troops isn’t enough, what you need is strength of your commanders and high tier troops to overpower their defenses. Since you don’t want to risk running high cost for your armies.

City Bombing tactics is great for doing massive damage to whales, but works well with any opponents who are stronger than you are. And if you are feeling machismo, you can do that to a weaker force to demonstrate your alpha status.

How to Pull a City Bombing

Follow these step-by-step to accomplish a city bombing tactics:

  • Work with a group of people who are online & attentive.
  • Develop a clear plan that everyone understands & is aware.
  • Reinforce with marches that meets your goal.
  • Use Discord to coordinate more effectively with your alliance members.
  • Make sure the city owners have a way to communicate without landing in the same spot if you are doing multiple city bombing.
  • Develop a contingency plan just in case things get a bit hairy.

Friendly tip for first-time users: Before you do the City Bombing tactics, it is highly recommended that you practice on barbarians or fast-siege a barbarian fort to make sure you understand and iron any issues that you faced.

Recommended Commanders for City Bombing

To maximize your city bombing tactics, you need to use commanders with conquering as their skills. For more information, here’s a list of our best commanders for city bombing:

Is City Bombing Legit?

City bombing is a legit strategy and I think it is a part of feature that the game developers of Rise of Kingdoms intended to allow it — which I have a high respect for them.

I do hope to see city bombing tactics being utilized more often for even more chaos and entertaining game. If you do know any useful / great combat tactics that I should blog about, let me know in the comments.

Additional Request: If you have any screenshot of your best city bombing, send it to and we will put the best one as the featured image with credits to your account.


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