How to Scout Fast and Effectively ROK

Best Way to Scout Map Fast: Guide for Beginners

Gaining Intel early in the game is valuable to rise of your civilization (and to your rise of alliance). It is important to scout map fast and effectively as much as possible in the beginning of game. By capitalizing this, you will be able to reap in benefits such as technology advancements, resources bonuses and XP boosters for your commanders.

Scouting for most of the players can be a very time-consuming process since the scouts goes out of the city to explore the selected area and returns afterwards. But not scouting is one of the biggest game mistakes you can make.

Theretofore, in my guide I will be teaching you how to scout and explore map fast without wasting your time. Without further ado, let’s reveal how you can scout faster and more effectively to maximize your Intel of the entire kingdom as a free-to-play player.

Step 1: Start as Japan

Best Japan Civilization Rise of Kingdoms

First and foremost to a fast scouting mission is to play as Japan. You get 30% scout march speed for playing as Japan and these units goes really fast. Which makes it easy to pick up new tribes and caves on the way to their destinations.

If you didn’t start as Japan in the beginning of game. You can either restart in a new kingdom or perform a Civilization change for free. Alternatively, you can buy Civilization Change via VIP Shop for a hefty sum of gems. But I don’t recommend doing this at all.

Step 2: Join Alliances

Scout Alliances Rise of Kingdoms

This might sound counterproductive for some of the players but it is essential to scouting early in the game. Every time you join a new alliance, small portion of the fog is lifted around those allied garrison. I also recommend you to join top alliances to gain early intelligence.

Repeat this step a few more until you have plenty of cities to start scouting. You will want to lift the fog around the cities at each corners so that you can do long distance scouting after you withdraw from the alliance.

Once you lifted the fog for the cities at each corners, quit alliance and rejoin your alliance or just start scouting them right away by selecting scout on the player’s garrison. The scout unit will start traveling from your city to the selected player’s city.

Step 3: Upgrade Your Scout Camp

Best Way to Scout Map Fast

One of the most important part to exploring the map faster is to upgrade your Scout Map. As you upgrade your Scout Camp, you will be able to send out more scouts and they will get faster bonus march speed. On the top of the bonus that camp gives, it adds multiplicative if you are playing as Japan.

To maximize your scouting and to gain more Intel on your kingdom. Always make sure you are upgrading your Scout Camp to increase the number of scouts you can dispatch and the scout march speed.

Step 4: Save Kingdom Maps

Kingdom Map Rise of Kingdoms

I know it can be tempting to use Kingdom Map the moment you have your hands on them. But I highly recommend you to just hold on to them. Let your scouts do all the scouting first until they have lift more than 80% of the fog.

By then, you will have plenty of Kingdom Map(s) to spend on the remaining fog. Keep them until you have scouted the major portion of the kingdom. Then use Kingdom Map(s) on the remaining fog and you should be able to complete the remaining parts of the fogged kingdom.

Step 5: Explore Fog & Save Time

How to Scout in Rise of Kingdoms

Instead of waiting for your scout to return to your city. Whenever your scout is finished with exploring the area. You can command them to start exploring other area by selecting on the fog that you want to direct them.

Tap on the fog or enemy garrison and select scout. Then the scout will start traveling to their destination. This feature is really useful for clearing a pocket hole or remaining corners quickly. I would recommend doing this to save your time.

Over to You

That’s all folks. I hope you found our beginner’s guide on how to scout fast and effectively helpful and insightful. Whenever you are playing as Britain, you can scouts to gather intelligence first before planning to city bombing an enemy.

Scouting is a great way to get early intelligence and to advance your economic technologies in the first few stages. Plus they do give you troops and some goodies like resources and speedups to help you out! If you have any questions about how scouting the map works, feel free to drop a comment below.

For players who are new to Rise of Kingdoms, please read our Ultimate Guide to Rise of Kingdoms for Beginners. Happy ruling, Governors!

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