Best Resource Management Guide for Beginners

Best Resource Management Guide for Beginners

Experienced and veteran players are adept at managing their resources in Rise of Kingdoms. Which means stacking up on resource tokens, making the most use out of their resources and even have at least a few farming accounts up and running so that they can gain competitive edge over their opponents.

Managing your resources is one of the challenging aspect in Rise of Kingdoms and as well as other games. Getting resources that you need to upgrade your building or to train a batch of troops is expensive in late game. Which is why it’s more important than ever to know how to manage your resources.

Welcome to my guide: Best Resource Management Guide for Beginners in Rise of Kingdoms, I will talk about the best ways to manage your resources. This guide covers the basics for beginners and more advanced tips for players who have at least several hours up their sleeves.

Conserve Your Resource Items

Resource Tokens Rise of Kingdoms

As a rule of thumb, you should save your resource items until you really need to use it to upgrade your buildings or to train troops and research technologies. Spending your resource tokens and chest should be used in case of emergency.

Which brings me to the point that you always should buy resource items in the Courier Shop. Buy the resource tokens and boosters at discounted prices.

In summary of this tip:

  • Always save your Resource Tokens and Boosters.
  • Save your Resource Chests.

Max Out Your Gathering Speed

Resource Gathering Boosters ROK

Another way to improve your resource management is to maximize your gathering speed. For starters, I recommend leveling up these gathering commanders to get a head start bringing the resources on the map to your city:

You also can speed up your commanders’ gathering rate using items like Enhanced Gathering which can be bought from the Courier Shop and Quests. Runes also improves your gathering speed and they are found around Holy Sties.

While I highly recommend speeding up your VIP status to level 6, it’s optional to further invest in your VIP level because at Level 11, you will get 20% gathering speed bonus which is a huge help to managing your resources.

Farm Barbarians & Forts

ROK Resource Tip Barbarians

Did you know that you actually can get resources from barbarians and forts too? If you have peacekeeping commanders like Belisarius, Aethelflaed or Boudica, I highly recommend putting 3 talent points into Trophy Hunter which gives you 15 resource packs for every victory battle.

One of the best way to do this is chain-farming barbarians which can be done using commanders that have AoE active skill like Aethelflaed and stack with infantry-only army as they are slower and tanky enough to group up them together.

The only time you should be attacking Barbarian Forts is when you want to get more Book of Covenants or to earn rewards for defeating the Fort events.

Complete Your Daily Objectives

Daily Objectives ROK

The daily quests is a big part of the game and they always give out resource tokens / chests including a golden key at the end of goal. If you are not doing your daily objectives, you are missing out on the opportunity to reap in the rewards.

Therefore, make sure you are doing your daily objectives like:

  • Opening your VIP Daily Chest.
  • Opening your Daily Special Offer Chest
  • Do all the Daily Quests
  • Do all the Event Quests
  • Win all Arena Battles
  • Do your Expedition Mode

Do all of these tips to help you improve your resource management. Even doing the smallest things will go a mile in making you good at managing your resources. Many players start to struggle with having adequate resources in middle of the game, therefore it’s important to follow these resource management tips.

Happy managing your resources, Governors!


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