Best Osiris League Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Best Osiris League Guide for Beginners: Rise of Kingdoms

Osiris League is an event where you can view top alliances battling against each other. In Rise of Kingdoms, you can make bet on alliances. If they wins the battle, your bet gets multiplied and can be used to purchase expensive items such as golden key and more.

If you are just getting started with Rise of Kingdoms, this is a very good time to do some of the quests in Osiris League to get some betting coins to bet on an alliance you think will win. As simple as this event sounds, I am going to talk about it comprehensively to give you a full view of how to navigate around it and what you can do during the event.

Introduction to Osiris League

To get started with Osiris League, simply navigate to this event. Tap on go to view the current playoffs to see which alliance is going to fight against in the next battle. Osiris League hosts playoffs on weekly basis, which is nice because it gives players time to make plan and schedule in advance so that they can attend it.

This is the main playoffs screen which shows you all the information you need to know, including the prior playoffs and current ones that’s happening soon within few days, as indicated on the date in the progress bar.

Ark of Osiris ROK

You can see the bigger picture of playoffs by tapping on schedule. This will pull up all the information about alliances that are being pit against alliances. You can see which alliances won the battles and who lost the battles. This can be useful to help you decide which alliance to bet on based on their performance during the battle.

On the other side, the qualifiers tab allows you to view which alliance won Osiris League. Each division is similar to “season” although, when the event conclude, it will reveal which alliance won the final stage and gets the recognition. Essentially, it is like Hall of Fame for alliances.

Ark of Osiris Rise of Kingdoms Playoffs

On the top right corner of the screen, it is where the game rules, shop, events, standings and honor roll all are located at. As I mentioned previously, you can use your betting coins which is collected via events to bet on alliances.

Once you have enough betting coins, you can use them to buy items in the shop. For starters, I recommend that you build up your betting coins to the point where you have plenty to shop around in the store, mainly legendary commander sculptures. Items generally goes for few thousand betting coins, so it is a good idea to build up first.

Game Rules

You can participate Osiris League with your alliance as long as you are the leader or officer of the alliance. This is a great way to show off your alpha status and dominate the battlefield with the best hand-picked players.

In order to be eligible for the rewards after the playoffs, you need to be aware of the game rules for Osiris League. Here’s the game rules:

  • Alliance can pick up to 30 combatants and 15 backups.
  • There will be 7 days rest-period at end of qualifiers.
  • After end of the qualifiers, alliance can choose 10 new combatants.
  • Critical issues like bugs, game abuses, flaws, cheating will result in match being discontinued.
  • In case of server instability, the match will be redo.
  • The alliance leader is sole representative and official communications must go through the leader.

Osiris League Events

While you are in Osiris League, you can do events. There are three different types of events to do including: League Bets, Allure of Gold and Eye for Talent. Which I will talk more about each event further in details next.

League Bets

League Bets Ark of Osiris

You can make bets on alliance you think will win the battle. As you can see, I bet 170 coins on NBA1. In the recent games, they have been performing consistently and well. Their past victorious battles is an indication of their alliance’s strength, the ability to coordinate and how well they execute their plans.

-FN- is also another popular alliance that have been on a winning streak latest. If you pull up information about them, they have absolutely crushed the past few alliance with total domination. A lot of players are betting on -FN- because of that.

Allure of Gold

Allure of Gold Ark of Osiris

Allure of Gold is where you can get the betting coins from. You will see several quest objectives that you need to complete first before you can claim the betting coins. This include collecting resources from your city to defeating the barbarians (chain-farming is recommended) to training the troops.

There is two type of quests: daily quest and weekly quest. Daily quest lists objectives that you can do on daily basis and nets small payout. While weekly quest lists objectives that reset on weekly basis, but have bigger betting coins payout. I recommend doing both so you can quickly build up your betting coins before heading over to the Osiris League Store.

Eye for Talent

Eye for Talent Ark of Osiris

Finally, Eye for Talent is another betting event that you can bet on which alliance you think will win the battle. You get Mark of Champion from betting on an alliance who becomes the victor. Mark of Champion is just like the betting coins which can be used to make purchases via Champion Store in the upper right corner of the event screen.

When you bet on an alliance with Mark of Champion, the values of it quadruple if they wins. This can be a really good way to quickly rake in rewards like Golden Key, Level 5 Material Chests and even an unique theme decor for your city if you bet on alliances that consistently wins the battle.

Honor Roll

Honor Roll Osiris League

Lastly, Honor Roll in Osiris League is basically Hall of Fame that showcases all the most valuable players ranked by score. You can view both MVP players via round or season. This will also show you which kingdom they come from.

Honor Roll is a nice way to get recognition for achieving high score during the Osiris League event. Though it changes every season, which means there’s always going to be an opportunity for anyone vying to claim the title.

Over to You

That’s all governors! I hope you found my guide on Osiris League helpful and insightful. If there is something that I am missing or curious to learn more about it. Feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below.

If you are a new player, I highly recommend checking out my Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners. In that guide, you will learn best tips like avoiding 10 early game mistakes and how to manage your resources, including keeping a steady flow of gold when you get to late game.

Enjoy and happy ruling governors!


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