Best Lucerne Scrolls Guide Rise of Kingdoms

Best Lucerne Scrolls Rise of Kingdoms for Beginners

Lucerne Scrolls can be found in your Trading Post. To do this, simply tap on your Trading Post and Lucerne Scrolls tab will appear underneath it. Click on it and you will see the screen for Lucerne Scrolls. This is where you can do and complete the quests in order to increase your Lucerne Scrolls level for better and high quality rewards.

Lucerne Scrolls Rise of Kingdoms

Before I start talking about Lucerne Scrolls in details, you absolutely can do this as a Free-to-Play player upwards to Level 30 as recommended. But after that, each level will skip a prize. Which means you get nothing on Level 31 and rewards on Level 32, and so on.

While spenders who spends in Rise of Kingdoms will get rewards for every Lucerne Scrolls level up. Some of you probably thought about this, is Lucerne Scrolls actually worth doing at this point? Which is why I am going to talk about it in details next.

Introduction to Lucerne Scrolls

Lucerne Scrolls ROK Guide

For new players and beginners who is curious to learn more about Lucerne Scrolls (If you are new to Rise of Kingdoms, I suggest you to check out my Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners). This is the screen where you can see all the weekly challenges and season challenges you have completed so far.

It is similar to daily quests and events like Lohar’s Trial and Clarion Call since you have to meet the objectives first before you can get the rewards. The way this works since Lucerne Scrolls focus on everything from chain-farming barbarians to collecting the gold to keep it flowing in your city.

Another important game tip to accelerate your resources generation is to send out your best gathering commanders. This means Sarka, Constance, Gaius Marius and even Joan of Arc to harvest the resource points. You also should aim to gather in your alliance territory to gain the 25% speed bonus.

Each time you complete an objective, you will get coins that goes towards to leveling up your Lucerne Scrolls level. Since the Lucerne Scrolls is on a fixed experience, which means it only need 100 every time to level up.

In the beginning, there won’t be a lot of things to do. However, as this event progress, the subsequent week will open up and give you access to more objectives. The prior week also reset, allowing you to do the objectives all over again to further boost your Lucerne Scrolls level.

Lucerne Scrolls Rewards

Lucerne Scrolls Rewards

To view rewards and claim them, navigate to the Rewards Tab on the upper left section next to the Challenges Tab. You can preview all the rewards to see what you get when your Lucerne Scrolls reaches certain level.

As I mentioned previously, if you are playing as a Free-to-Play player, I only recommend hitting to Level 30. By then, you have to skip rewards for one level and that becomes more common as you progress further. If you are willing to spend some money, I suggest getting the Divine Inheritance.

Is Divine Inheritance Worth It?

Divine Inheritance Rise of Kingdoms

Strictly speaking, if you plan to stick as a pure Free-to-Play player, it is absolutely not worth at all since it don’t apply to you. But if you want to spend a little bit, you might want to consider getting the Archaeologist pack. You will be able to get rewards like teleporter and legendary commander sculptures so that you can summon new commanders and even better quality rewards.

Plus it raises your Lucerne Scrolls level by 10 and increases clues you gain by 50%. At the price this pack is going for, it is certainly hefty for spenders. But if you are going to fully level up your Lucerne Scrolls to max level then it is worth the money. Otherwise, don’t bother spending on it.

When Should You Increase Your Purchase Level?

Lucerne Scrolls Purchase Level

Never all the time. The cost to increase your Lucerne Scrolls level is simply too expensive. As you can see, this cost me 750 gems to increase my level from 6 to 7. It is better to just spend your gems on upgrading your VIP Status.

If you want to increase your Lucerne Scrolls, do weekly and season challenges instead and make sure to max them out to get the most out of it. For new players, it can be quite challenging since they do not have enough manpower to meet Season challenges. But experienced players should have no problem completing all challenges.

Over to You!

That’s all governors! I hope you found my Lucerne Scrolls guide helpful and insightful. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. Happy ruling Governors!

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