Ultimate Lost Kingdom Guide

Best Lost Kingdom Guide for Beginners: Enter The KvK Battle

The Lost Kingdoms is one of the many events that becomes available and accessible to the alliances who controls the Lost Temple in their home kingdom. The Lost Temple can be found in the center of the kingdom and is located in Zone 3.

If you are wondering how to get in The Lost Kingdom and what you should be doing while you are in there. Then you have come to the right place because in this ultimate Lost Kingdom Guide for beginners (and experienced players), I am going to talk about everything you need to know right now while you are in that map.

Here’s a few things you need to know how The Lost Kingdom is activated:

  • Unlocks after the Eve of the Crusade event is completed.
  • The Lost Kingdom will last for 60 days.
  • Alliances from 8 different kingdoms will participate on the map.
  • Upon joining The Lost Kingdom, the player will be spawned randomly.
  • In The Lost Kingdoms, you start at Zone 4 with the center of map being Zone 7.

When Do KvK Seasons Starts?

The Lost Kingdom Map

The Lost Kingdom is split into multiple seasons that takes the place on a certain number of days for each kingdom. Currently there are three seasons that starts after the preceding season ends.

  • Season 1 KvK starts in 85 to 105 days.
  • Season 2 KvK starts in 50 days after the end of Season 1.
  • Season 3 KvK starts in 60 days after the end of Season 2.

How to Teleport to The Lost Kingdom Map?

How to Teleport to The Lost Kingdom

In order to enter The Lost Kingdom map, your alliance needs to control the Lost Temple. Without the Lost Temple under your alliance territory, you won’t be able to teleport to The Lost Kingdom map.

As soon as the Kingdoms vs Kingdoms (KvK) starts, you will be able to see a small castle icon on the upper right corner of the screen (Past Glory). This will let you teleport into The Lost Kingdom and start a new event that your alliance and you must work together.

Once you tap the teleport button, a confirmation window will pop up. It will include all the information such as which region you are going to teleport to. At the starting of KvK event, each kingdom have their own region to start at.

The game will restart and you will respawn at a random location within your kingdom’s region as mentioned above. You also can see the Events at the upper right corner. They usually are packed with a lot of advanced and interesting stuff for you to do, plus awesome rewards to earn!

What is Honor Roll?

Some of you probably already know what Honor Roll is, but for new players who just started playing Rise of Kingdoms will find these information useful and helpful. Honor Roll basically is a contributor system just like Alliance Contribution system where you donate your resources to your alliance technologies.

Honor Roll comes with three categories which are based on the rankings of individual, alliance and kingdom. This is a way to measure how well players, alliances and kingdoms are performing against each other.

Honor Roll is a Contributor System based on rankings of:

  • Individual Ranking
  • Alliance Ranking
  • Kingdom Ranking

It will reveal the top contributors in The Lost Kingdom for those who got the most points by performing various activities as following:

Honor PointsActivity
5Defeat Level 26-30 Barbarians
8Defeat Level 31-35 Barbarians
10Defeat Level 36-40 Barbarians
3Completing gathering at a resource point
15Destroy a Level 6 Barbarian Fort
25Destroy a Level 7 Barbarian Fort
35Destroy a Level 8 Barbarian Fort
45Destroy a Level 9 Barbarian Fort
60Destroy a Level 10 Barbarian Fort

Individual Ranking

Lost Kingdom Individual Ranking

The individual ranking is based on each governors’ ability to earn Honor Points. Governor with the highest honor points will become the top contributors in The Lost Kingdom. Bonus tip, if you manage to do continuous occupation of an ancient ruins / altar of darkness, you will get more honor points.

Alliance Ranking

Lost Kingdom Alliance Ranking

The alliance ranking is based on all governors’ honor points within a specific alliance. Work together to quickly gain a lot of honor points. The top 50 alliances will get a lot of rewards by simply doing these activities as mentioned above. Additionally, your alliance can get a lot of honor points by controlling:

  • The first occupation of a holy site.
  • Continual occupation of a holy site or pass.
  • Continual occupation of ancient ruins or altar of darkness.

Kingdom Ranking

Lost Kingdom Kingdom Ranking

The kingdom ranking is based on each kingdom’s ability to get the honor points. All of alliances that comes from a specific kingdom will add each honor points into under a single kingdom. Compete with other 7 kingdoms to get amazing rewards from the event.

Crusader Achievements

Lost Kingdom Crusader Achievements

The Crusader Achievements is the place where governors, alliances and kingdoms can get tons of rewards by doing the achievements in The Lost Kingdom map. Be sure to do them as it definitely will help you power level your commanders and grow your total power!


Lost Kingdom Chronicles

Twilight is known as The Lost Kingdom Chronicles that works just like Monument in your home kingdom. It can be found right in your city and gives you a rough idea of each event’s objective, duration and progression. You also can get rewards if your kingdom manages to be successful. Plus, Twilight can help you know what’s going to happen in advance.

Past Glory

There’s also several events within The Lost Kingdom map itself and it is called Past Glory. It is a multi-stages event that’s exclusive to The Lost Kingdom only! Your kingdom, alliances and yourself needs to donate resources, kill barbarians and donate your commander sculptures to get rebuilding points and ton of rewards.

  • Stage 1: Donate your resources.
  • Stage 2: Kill barbarians and forts.
  • Stage 3: Donate your commander sculptures.

Over to You!

And that’s all, Governors! I hope you found these information about The Lost Kingdom useful and informative. Keep it in your mind that your alliance need to control the Lost Temple in order to enter the Lost Kingdom Map.

In my kingdom, we do it in a orderly fashion by letting the top alliances go in first. Then the next strongest alliance goes in and so on. This helps ensure our kingdom have a fighting chance in The Lost Kingdom.

Also in The Lost Kingdom, all of the alliances that comes from your kingdom will be allied under one banner and color. Which means your kingdom need to work together to advance toward the center of map. It is also where huge wars often happens with multiple players battling for dominance of The Lost Kingdom.


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