Top 10 Best KvK Commanders for F2P Players Guide

Top 10 Best KvK Commanders for F2P Players

In this guide, we share top 10 best KvK commanders for F2P players to use in Rise of Kingdoms. The commanders that is listed in this article are ranked based on their combat capabilities in open-field battles.

Whether you are just starting off or looking for the best KvK commanders to use during this mode. We think you will find this guide helpful and useful in navigating you to find the best commanders without having to spend a dime!

Without further ado, here’s a list of top 10 best KvK commanders to use in Rise of Kingdoms.

Top 10 Best KvK Commanders

1. Aethelflaed

Aethelflaed Commander Rise of Kingdoms

Aethelflaed ranks as one of the best KvK commanders for F2P players. She is incredible easy to get via Expedition Store and comes with several powerful skills, which includes reducing enemy attack, defense and health by 30%.

Additionally, she takes 20% less damage from counterattack and reduces their march speed by 30%. Which she has a small chance to activate it during actively attacking the enemy targets.

It is a no wonder why she will easily excel in open-field battlefield thanks to her wide AoE active skill, which hits up to 5 targets in a fan-shaped. Aethelflaed is a preferred commander for F2P and doesn’t require too much of time or resources to obtain her.

2. Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca Commander Rise of Kingdoms

If you are looking for a solid commander that is capable of dishing out heavy blows and commanding a large mixed army with high damage output. Hannibal Barca easily fit this role.

His active skill deals direct damage and an additional damage on the next turn upwards to three targets. Plus he reduces their damage and defense by 25%.

Whenever Hannibal Barca leads 3 or more troop type, he gain 10% damage bonus. Furthermore, if he is battling outside of alliance territory, his damage gets further increased by 15%.

He is truly a beast on the battlefield with all these insane damage modifiers.

3. Mehmed II

Mehmed II Commander Rise of Kingdoms

Mehmed II becomes available once your kingdom turns 120 days old. Although, he is one of the best KvK commanders in the game, mainly because of how good his active skill and passive skills really are.

He is equipped with some of the best passive skills which increases the damage of active skill, and the damage that troops deals. If you are commanding Mehmed II to battle against enemy garrisons and plunder their resources, this legendary commander will make quick work out of them.

So, if you are looking for a solid commander that can dish heavy blows towards multiple targets with ease, Mehmed II is your best option. Alternatively, you can roll with Baibars as he has similar setup to Mehmed II and do slow down enemy targets thanks to Sandstorm.

4. Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan Commander Rise of Kingdoms

Just like Mehmed II, Genghis Khan only can be unlocked after your kingdom turns 120 days old. Any players who wants a powerful nuker that can handle single target quickly will want to have Genghis Khan.

He deals massive damage and has 30% chance to activate his active skill for free at no additional cost to his rage. Genghis Khan is great for blowing past the enemy ranks with minimal effort.

Plus, if you want to be able to move around on the battlefield quickly, Genghis Khan focuses on cavalry and comes with a number of powerful bonuses that improves their health, attack and defense value as well as march speed. He is one of the fastest KvK commander with massive single-target direct damage.

5. Yi Seong-Gye

Yi Seong-Gye Commander Rise of Kingdoms

Don’t underestimate Yi Seong-Gye for the fact that he is able to build his rage at neck-breaking speed thanks to his passive skills. Every time he attacks, he has a small chance to generate 100 rage. Plus his archers also have a chance to increase damage by 100%.

Despite the fact that he is suitable for garrison, his active skill deals massive damage and does in a circular area. One of the main advantage for playing this legendary commander is the 50% damage bonus to active skill.

Pair Yi Seong-Gye with any nukers, and they will just blow past them easily. An ultimate KvK commander who will decimate any enemy commanders on the battlefield.

6. Saladin

Saladin Commander Rise of Kingdoms

Saladin is an excellent commander at harassing enemy forces thanks to his superior mobility and powerful direct damage factor. His active skill reduces their marching speed and healing effects by 50% for 5 seconds.

Just like other legendary commanders with cavalry specializations, Saladin is a very fast commander who will be able to reach their targets in matter of seconds. Unlike other commanders, Saladin can keep their targets on lock-down and execute them to maximize the enemy’s losses.

7. Hermann

Hermann Commander Rise of Kingdoms

One of the best KvK commander in the game is Hermann due to his ability to silence enemy commanders. He is considered one of the powerful silencer thanks to his lighting fast rage generation and the ability to prevent nukers from doing any significant damage.

To maximize Hermann combat capabilities for a near-full silence, you can pair him with Boudica.

8. Baibars

Baibars Commander Rise of Kingdoms

If you don’t have Mehmed II in your roster yet, Baibars is one of the best KvK commanders and he is available at starting of the game if you play as Arabia. He is cavalry-focused which means he is packed with powerful offensive capabilities and speed.

One of the main advantage for playing Baibars on the battlefield is due to his active skill which deals moderate amount of direct damage upwards to 5 targets and slows them down.

If you pair him with other splash damage commanders like Aethelflaed, then you can build a good AoE pairs to do massive damage against multiple targets.

9. Osman I

Osman I Commander Rise of Kingdoms

Osman I is a solid KvK commander and one of the starting choice for players who plays as Ottomans. He is a strong alternative option to Mehmed II with similar skill set and abilities. Thanks to his active skill, he can dish out heavy direct damage.

In addition to that, one of his passive skill expands the troop capacity. Which means he can bring more troops and deal even more damage to cause enemy forces to suffer more causalities. A simple, yet easy commander to start with in KvK battles.

Julius Caesar and Scipio Africanus both are also good choices with similar skill set to Osman I, except they are good at debuffing your enemy targets and buffing your troops to maximize troops’ damage.

10. Pelagius

Pelagius Commander Rise of Kingdoms

Another F2P KvK commander is Pelagius who can be obtained if you pick Spain and via chests. He excels at speed and offense capabilities. When he uses his active skill, a portion of rage is restored. Plus, if you use the rage generation talent build, he will be able to use his active skill often which turns into higher damage ouput.

Not to forget to mention that his troops also have a small chance to activate healing for 400 per second. Which really helps out a lot with mitigating the damage from the opposing forces.

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