Best Karuak Ceremony Rise of Kingdoms Guide

Best Karuak Ceremony Guide for Beginners

Welcome to my guide on Karuak Ceremony for beginners in Rise of Kingdoms. Before I talk about the best tips to beat this event and strategies to use. I want to briefly explain what Karuak Ceremony is about and its purpose.

Karuak Ceremony is an event that occurs once in a while. Its legends often referred to Kingdom of Gold, which coveted hidden treasures bridling with luxurious rewards. Though, to get these treasures, you will have to defeat the Karuak barbarians before you get to face the final boss himself.

Here’s game rules for Karuak Ceremony:

  1. You can pick any difficulty you want but once you pick, you can’t change for the remainder of event.
  2. Challenger participate by launching attack or rally attack. But friendly governors can’t join unless you use Help of the Mark.
  3. If you use rally attack, you can’t send additional reinforcements.
  4. Governors who provides assistance to players who needs help will get a small rewards.
  5. At start of the ceremony, all governors gets 5 Marks of the Karuak. Unused marks will be reclaimed by end of the event.
  6. At end of the event, all governors will get an occult corresponding to the highest level you completed during the event.

Game Difficulties:

In Karuak Ceremony event, there’s several difficulty options to choose from. You can do easy if you prefer to do it quick without any frustration. Though, the higher difficult you are playing on, the bigger and better rewards will be.

Accordingly to Karuak Ceremony in Rise of Kingdoms, there is difficult options to choose from:

  • Easy (Least Challenging and fewer rewards)
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Nightmare
  • Hell (Most Challenging and better rewards)

Recommended Commanders for Karuak Ceremony

In this part, I am going to talk about the best commanders to use for this special event. Since the Karuak are barbarians / neutral units, you will want to pick commanders that excels at dishing out extra damage towards them.

Here’s a list of starter commanders to choose:

And what about civilizations? At this stage, it probably don’t matter that much. However, if you are a min-maxer like me. Then you probably will want to be able to do little bit extra damage with your troops by playing Arabia or Ottoman with increased skill damage.

How to Advance in Karuak Ceremony

Karuak Barbarians Ceremony Rise of Kingdoms

Karuak Ceremony consists of 50 levels that you must defeat each summoned Karuak barbarian in order to advance. Doing so will require you to expend some of your action point. Before you start, I highly recommend that you have at least a sizable stack of action points potion to recover quickly.

The cost to send your army to fight Karuak barbarian is 50 action points. Although the cost to summon a Karuak Barbarian is 100 action points. You can reduce that further by using peacekeeping commanders. Not to forget to mention that they do more damage towards them which makes it easier to do this event.

To advance from level 1 to level 50, you will need to be able to expend at least around 7,500 action points. Which means you need to have at least 100 Action Points x 75 to fully knock out the progress in an individual challenge.

How to Ask for Help in Karuak Ceremony

Karuak Barbarians Rise of Kingdoms

Each time you ask for help, you expend a mark of Karuak. I only highly recommend doing so if you find yourself struggling or unable to make any further progression. Spending a mark to ask for help will allow your alliance members to jump in and help out with making the push.

This can be incredible useful if you are at high stage as they are especially hard to do so due to barbarians being powerful and equipped with trained troops. Best way to do is save the marks until you start hitting stage where is impossible for you to solo by yourself.

You also get a small rewards if you help out an alliance member of yours who used the mark. Upon using the mark, it will show up in the event tab that gives you the option to help your alliance members defeat their Karuak barbarians.

 How to Do Alliance Karuak Ceremony

Karuak Ceremony Alliance ROK

In Karuak Ceremony, you can launch an alliance event which becomes available after a certain number of alliance members in your alliance beat a specific difficult level. For instance, if you want to be able to do an alliance Karuak Ceremony, you need to have 15 alliance members to beat the event on normal level first before you can do so.

This will open a new event where you have to battle against Karuak as the raid boss himself. Defeating him will give you a massive rewards like teleporter, golden keys, and other goodies that is otherwise not obtainable through individual challenge.

Useful Game Tips for Karuak Ceremony

There’s quite a few useful game tips you need to know when it comes to playing the Karuak Ceremony event in Rise of Kingdoms. Mainly you will want to use peacekeeping commanders since they can reduce the amount of action points that you spend.

Make sure that your peacekeeping commanders is specialized with Insight which reduces cost of action point by 9%. You also can further reduce it by keeping your army outside of the city. For each Karuak barbarian that you defeated while keeping your army outside, the cost to spend action points is reduced by 2 up to five times.

You also can take advantage of buffs and army expansion to increase your combat effectiveness in this event:

  • Use peacekeeping barbarians.
  • Activate War Frenzy for extra damage.
  • Get Damage Rune and activate it.
  • Use Army Expansion to increase troop capacity.
  • Pair peacekeeping commander with a commander who has troop capacity skill for higher damage towards barbarians.

If you see your alliance members needs help and they are fighting high-level Karuak barbarians. Go ahead and join them with your other alliance members. The rewards are way much bigger and sometimes I get legendary experience tomes that gives your commanders 50,000 XP plus fancy rewards. Don’t miss it out at all.

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