Best Expedition Tips for Beginners Rise of Kingdoms

Best Expedition Tips for Beginners in Rise of Kingdoms

Welcome to our best Expedition tips for beginners guide.

Expedition is a game mode where players have to come up with a strategy to defeat various armies in order to advance to higher stages. Expedition mode is one of the popular feature in Rise of Kingdoms and comes with boatload of valuable rewards!

How Does Expedition Mode Works?

To launch Expedition in Rise of Kingdoms, navigate via Campaign then tap on Expedition.

On the map, you will see various stages which you have to defeat in order to advance and unlock rewards. Each stage will give you a performance rating based on the requirements and the more stars you have, the more rewards you will reap.

You can dispatch as many as you want to depending on the type of mission you are doing. Although, in the beginning of game, you will be able to send upwards to 2 dispatches at most.

Rise of Kingdoms Expedition Mode

As you progress further, the number of dispatch availability expands to 5. I recommend training your troops as often as you can so that you can complete the Expedition missions.

After you successfully complete the mission, you will get rewards at the end. Medal of the Conqueror is a currency which you can use it to buy commanders sculptures and items in the Expedition Shop.

Lastly, Expedition Mode is separated from your normal game. This means you can use your commanders and troops that’s farming resources, currently healing in the hospital or in a dispatch.

Here’s rules on how Expedition Mode works:

  • You can try all missions unlimited times, but you will get rewards from 1 / 2 stars missions once per day.
  • Your daily rewards combines all the rewards from 3-star missions that you have completed.
  • Expedition resets at 00:00 UTC everyday.
  • All buffs are activated.
  • and lastly, your commanders don’t get any experience in Expedition Mode.

Why Should You Do Expedition Mode?

One of the biggest reason why you should do Expedition Mode is rewards. The more stages you completed, the more rewards you get and that turns into more sculptures that you can buy and upgrade your commanders.

Here’s a list of what you can buy with Medal of Conqueror:

  • Aethelflaed: 1,500 MoC
  • Epic Sculptures: 1,000 MoC (Buy a lot to get ton of rewards in KvK Past Glory Event)
    • 1 Epic Sculpture = 5 Heroic Coins (HC)
    • 100 HC = 1 Legendary Sculpture
    • 40 HC = 1 Legendary Starlight
    • 20 HC = 1 Golden Key
    • 3 HC = 1 60 Minutes Speedup
    • Other = Exchange for Arrows, Tomes, Sculptures and more.
  • Elite Sculptures: 500 MoC

Best Expedition Tips ROK

Best Expedition Tips for Beginners

Doing Expedition is simple and straightforward, you will only have to make sure to defeat the armies and meet all the requirements to get 3 stars at the end of mission.

Here’s some best Expedition tips on how you can take advantage of this game mode:

  • Certain stages sometimes have a requirement where you can’t lose more than 50% of your total troops. To counter this, just throw in a commander with a bunch of T1 siege units and leave them on the side while your main force fight the battle.
  • Always send in your tanky forces first. Richard I, Sun Tzu, Yi Seong-Gye and Ramesses II are amazing at dishing out heavy damage while withstanding blows.
  • After 60 stages, the timer is disabled. So, take your time and make sure to carve out your enemy one by one.
  • Use Army Expansion and Enhanced Attack buffs.
  • Have at least some Attack / Defense Runes to spare.
  • Scout a random city to get Frenzy Buff (+3% attack bonus).
  • The best way to use your Medal of Conqueror in buying order: Legendary Sculptures → Legendary Starlights → Aethelflaed → Epic Sculptures.
  • Always to preview your Expedition mission to get an overview of what to expect then assign your dispatches and use the marks.

Expedition Store

Best Expedition Store ROK

In Expedition Mode, there’s a shop called the Medal Store or Expedition Store. As you can see, there’s plenty of valuable items that you can buy using your Medal of the Conqueror.

Every time you buy an item, they will go out of stock. You can refresh the shop for free the first time. The second refresh will cost you 100 gems. However, refresh timer resets at 00:00 UTC.

Every week there’s a featured commander, called “Commander of the Week” and you can buy that commander sculptures with no limit. Which is amazing if you are focusing to upgrade a specific commander.

To progress quickly in game, I recommend purchasing sculptures to upgrade your farming / gathering commanders such as Constance, Sarka, Joan of Arc and Gaius Marius.

Thanks for reading my guide about the best Expedition tips for beginners and hope it helps you.


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