Best Ceroli Crisis Bosses

Best Ceroli Crisis Bosses Guide for Beginners

Ceroli Crisis is a raid event in Rise of Kingdoms where you will group up with three other friendly governors to work together on taking down the raid bosses. Upon defeating the Ceroli bosses, you will receive rewards and medals which can be used to shop at Ceroli Crisis Store.

In this guide, I am going to talk about Ceroli Crisis bosses in details and how to defeat them the easy way. Doing so means you will need to build and develop your raid awareness in order to make the whole battle easy and simple.

Without further ado, here’s the best guide to Ceroli Crisis bosses for beginners.

Introduction to Ceroli Crisis

Ceroli Crisis Raid Bosses

To introduce Ceroli Crisis for beginners who are new to Rise of Kingdoms. This a raid event screen where you can preview the rewards shown before tapping the go button. Ceroli Crisis consists of 5 raid bosses that you will have to kill individually in order to get rewards.

Which means you can kill Frida for instance to get rewards then match with new governors to defeat other Ceroli Crisis raid bosses. You can kill each of them up to three times on the same difficult level. But once you pick a difficult level, you will be stuck with it for the remaining of event. So plan accordingly to the difficulty level.

Ceroli Crisis Bosses

There’s five levels of difficulty:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Nightmare
  • Hell

Playing Ceroli Crisis on hell mode provides you the best rewards but you will need strong commanders, troops and of course activate buffs such as runes, holy sites that is scattered around the zones and war frenzy to maximize your combat effectiveness.

And here’s the game rules you need to know before doing the Ceroli Crisis raid event:

  • Ceroli Crisis becomes available to governors with City Hall Level 10+
  • You can pick any difficulty you want to as long as you meet minimum power requirement.
  • You can invite friends if you prefer. Although, governors who do not meet the power requirement will not be able to help you.
  • In the Matchmaking, you can match with other governors via cross-kingdoms.
  • Once you start battling the raid boss, you will not be permitted to dispatch a new army.
  • You only can have up to 1 army at the time.
  • All of your wounded units gets healed immediately upon leaving the battle.
  • At end of the battle, if you defeat the raid boss you will get rewards. Governors who does less than 1% will not get rewards. The more damage you do, the better rewards is.

What is Ceroli Crisis Store?

Ceroli Crisis Store ROK

Ceroli Crisis Store is where you can buy items like Avatar Frame, commander sculptures for Keira, and other goodies. You get the coins by successfully killing the Ceroli Crisis raid bosses. Being able to do at higher difficulty will give you more coins which can be used to buy more expensive items.

Currently doing the Ceroli Crisis is the best way to get commander sculptures for Keira. If you are going to max her out quickly, you will need to do the raid event at the highest difficulty level possible to ensure you net more coins. You only can buy 50 Keira sculptures per event.

Which means if you bought all sculptures, you will have to wait until the next Ceroli Crisis comes around.

Who are the Ceroli Crisis Raid Bosses?

Ceroli Crisis Bosses Rise of Kingdoms

In Ceroli Crisis, there is 5 raid bosses that you need to beat in order to get rewards. They are Keira, Frida, Astrid, Ironhand, and unknown boss name. Each have their own skills and combat playstyle that your allies and you will need to be aware of. The higher difficulty is, the more dangerous and lethal their skills becomes and the more important it is to dodge them.

For the best Ceroli Crisis setup, I recommend that one of your team play as Tank whose their primary role will be to absorb heavy blows, mitigating damage and self-healing while keeping the boss fixated on them. Two of the players needs to play as damage dealer who will deal direct damage factor. And lastly, a debuffer who can reduce the enemy target’s defense, attack and health.

Best Setup for Ceroli Crisis Raid Bosses:

The reason why I recommend using cavalry commanders for debuffer and DPS is because you will need speed to avoid the avoidable damage. They will absolutely make your life easier.


Ceroli Crisis Keira

First and foremost, Keira is an entry-level raid boss for beginners who are just getting started in Rise of Kingdoms. She is a relatively easy boss to handle once you get used to her skills.

Although, making mistakes and she will rain you to death with her barrage of arrows. Having a good situational raid awareness is essential to defeating Keira in Ceroli Crisis. Below is a list of skills that she uses during the battle.

How to Beat Keira

You will need commanders with strong AoE active skills. It will be DPS’ responsibility to gather the small barbarian troops summoned by Keira and down them. High mobility also excels as you will need to be able to rush for cover. Other than that, Keira is an easy boss to down.

Friendly Tips for Beginners:

  • Avoid the red circle as it will detonate after a time, slowing down your allies and you.
  • Immediately rush to the shield dome once it is activated to avoid getting hit by the arrows.


Ceroli Crisis Frida

Upon entering the battle with Frida, your allies and you will have to position on four different sides (South, West, East and North) to avoid getting hit by her AoE skill. Stay on her all the time, except when she gets frozen.

While she is frozen, you will want to move your army far away from the boss as much as possible to minimize amount of constant damage. Meanwhile, kill the small barbarians quickly as you can to thaw Frida.

Once she uses her Thawing Point, which releases a massive shattering ring of ice, return and hit her. Rinse and repeat until you defeat Frida.

How to Beat Frida

Defeating Frida is pretty easy once you get hang of it. She does requires more situational raid awareness compared to Keira since there is a lot of avoidable damage that can be avoided. But, here’s pointers on how to beat her.

Friendly Tips for Beginners:

  • Spread out on all 4 sides.
  • Run away when Frida becomes Frozen.
  • Kill barbarians.
  • After she uses Thawing Point, return to your position.


Ceroli Crisis Astrid

Astrid is one of the easiest boss in Ceroli Crisis, but also a very lethal raid boss if you don’t handle her right. Her debuffs and arrows can end the raid quickly if you don’t take proper steps to avoid them.

Some of her skills are unavoidable, but you will have to work together with your governor to communicate on debuffs and when to walk out to drop it before returning to the battle.

How to Beat Astrid

Likewise, she is easy if you position correctly. Ideally, the tank should be facing her and is the only one that takes damage from Spear Volley. Each time she does, a debuff is applied to the tank and stacks. Do not group up or you all will get debuff and get more damage from her spear. Leave the battle to let the debuff expire if it’s too much for you to handle then return to the battle.

Also, if you somehow got fixated with Astrid’s Way of Fire, kite until she drops. If you don’t then your commander will get critical blow, potentially wiping out a lot of your troops and making the raid battle even harder.

Friendly Tips for Beginners:

  • Spread out.
  • Kite if you get fixated.
  • Leave the battle if the debuff stack is too high for you to handle and wait 10 seconds before re-entering.

Upcoming Ceroli Crisis Raid Bosses

There’s two more bosses that’s coming soon to Ceroli Crisis event. One is called Ironhand and a brand new boss that we do not know too much about him. But from what it looks like they are going to be harder and challenging compared to the first three bosses.

Ceroli Crisis Ironhand
Ceroli Crisis Boss

We are very excited about these upcoming Ceroli Crisis bosses and looking forward to it. If you have any questions about this event, let us know by dropping a comment in the comments section below. Happy ruling, Governors!

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