Best Cavalry Commanders ROK Guide

Best Cavalry Commanders Rise of Kingdoms Guide for Beginners

Cavalry troops is one of the fastest units in Rise of Kingdoms. When paired with the best cavalry commanders, they can gain bonuses in attack, defense, and health, making them even more stronger and deadly on the battlefield. So, if you are looking to expand your strength in speed and offense side, then you may want to consider leveling up one or two cavalry commanders.

In this guide, I am going to talk about the best cavalry commanders to play right now in Rise of Kingdoms. The ranking of these commanders are taken into account based on their skills, talent points and pairings.

Why Cavalry Commanders?

As mentioned previously in the introduction, cavalry excels at speed and doing serious amount of damage. They provides speed that is unmatched by other type of troops and makes great army to provide support.

You definitely will want to have at least a few good cavalry commanders in your roster. However, you need to know which one is the best so that you can collect sculptures and invest in the ones you want to level up.

Without further ado, here is our best cavalry commanders ranked to play right now in Rise of Kingdoms.

Best Cavalry Commanders Inforgraphic

Best Cavalry Commanders Rise of Kingdoms

Best Legendary Cavalry Commanders in ROK


Attila Commander ROK

One of the best cavalry commander to level up right now in the game is Attila. He is a beast and equipped with a number of skills that demoralizes your enemies, while dealing massive damage with troops. One of his passive skill increases the damage of normal attack by 100% that goes exceptionally well with his sustained damage.

When you max out Attila’s skills, he comes with immunity to silence. Which means, he can easily counter and demolish silencers like Guan Yu and Hermann. Attila gets along with Takeda Shignen pretty well due to strong synergy between the duo.

Takeda Shignen

Best Takeda Shingen Commander ROK

The second best cavalry commander in the game is Takeda Shignen, who is rivaled closely by Attila. Although, the main reason why Takeda holds the second position is because of his talent build. He is equipped with a powerful passive skill which can heal him every turn for 4 seconds and increases the enemy’s damage taken after using his active skill.

At the same time, his passive skill reduces the enemy’s normal and counter attack damage as well as reducing the damage taken from incoming active skills. Which makes Takeda Shignen an incredible tanky commander to play on the field. While he isn’t exactly that great without a pair, there’s a reason why he is “married” to Attila due to his talent build that increases the damage of skills, which makes Takeda a great secondary legendary commander to couple with.


Saladin Commander Rise of Kingdoms

If you are looking for a solid commander to counter nukers such as Mehmed II, then Saladin is a good legendary to pick. Because he comes with passive skill that reduces damage taken by 30% and damage from counterattacks by 20%. This proves Saladin to be a formidable legendary commander to play with on the battlefield.

Additionally, he can slow down the enemy targets and reduces their healing by 50%. Which pretty much allows Saladin and nearby friendly commanders to effectively kill the enemies with ease. He is amazing for PvP battles and is highly recommended for any avid PvPers.

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan Commander Rise of Kingdoms

One of another great cavalry commander in Rise of Kingdoms is Genghis Khan. His active skill is just too good not to pass on. In fact, there is a 30% chance for him to trigger his active skill free at no additional cost to rage. Which means he will have a chance to deal his active skill immediately after using it that can well deliver devastating blow to your enemies.

His talent builds is also pretty good since he also specializes in skill which increases the overall damage done with skills. When pairing with other commanders who have passive skills that boosts the damage of skills, Genghis Khan have the potential to fight like a beast on the battlefield, terrorizing the enemies with the mighty galloping sound from the cavalry.

Cao Cao

Cao Cao Commander ROK

Looking for a speedy cavalry commander that can take down barbarians? Cao Cao is the perfect fit for these type of scenarios. Thank to his peacekeeping and mobility talent build, Cao Cao can leverage his troops to do extra damage against barbarians. With improved march speed, his army is able to traverse around the map quickly and effortless.

If you do not have Cao Cao yet, you can level up Belisarius instead as he is a solid epic commander to start with — especially if you are starting off as Byzantium in Rise of Kingdoms. Alternatively, you can level up Minamoto if you have him as he is quite a good commander for doing decent damage.


Best Minamoto no Yoshitsune Commander ROK

And lastly, Minamoto is a good cavalry legendary commander to play in Rise of Kingdoms. Although he excels at killing barbarians and has fewer support skills compared to Cao Cao. Which is why Minamoto is ranked just slightly below him. Even so, this cavalry commander is capable of dishing out additional damage that is based on chance.

For instance, his active skill have a 75% chance to deal an extra 600 damage over 2 seconds on the same target. Which brings the total damage to 2,000 — a decent direct blow to the enemy target while most commanders only can do between 1,200 to 1,600 with their active skill. Minamoto is pretty good legendary once you max him out, but as I mentioned previously, he is a chance-based commander which doesn’t makes him exactly strong as he is supposedly to be.

Best Epic Cavalry Commanders in ROK


Baibars Commander Rise of Kingdoms

One of my favorite epic commander is Baibars. You can get him for free if you are starting off as Arabia in the game. Unlike other commanders, Baibars have an active skill which does splash damage upwards to 5 targets and it does a decent amount of damage. Plus, it does slow down the enemy movement which is a huge plus if you are battling against multiple enemies on a battlefield.

He is great choice and comes with a lot of good pairings choice that works along with legendary commanders like Genghis Khan or Attila for instance. If you are starting off with Baibars, he is worth leveling up straight away.


Pelagius Commander Rise of Kingdoms

Pelagius is another epic commander that’s worth leveling up. Like Baibars, you can get this commander for free if you are starting off as Spain. Pelagius performs better on the defense side since his talent builds and skills revolves boosting the cavalry troops’ defense while garrisoning in the city.

But he is also great for supporting your commanders since he has a passive skill that has a 10% chance to heal wounded units each second for 2 seconds. So, he is one of the starting commanders that’s worth looking out for if you decide to specialize in building cavalry forces.


Belisarius Commander ROK

Finally, Belisarius is a decent epic commander to invest in. While he doesn’t comes with strong damaging skills as the other two epic cavalry commanders does, it is still worth considering Belisarius if you want a commander with high march speed and the ability to provide support on the battlefield.

His active skill can reduce enemy target attack and defense by 30%, allowing your troops to increase their combat effectiveness against the enemies. Belisarius’ Bucellarii is amazing to have because it improves the defense of cavalry and march speed by 30%. Which allows this epic commander to mobilize at high speed to reach your targets by surprise. Good commander to pair with Baibars to build a fast pair.

Top 3 Best Civilizations for Cavalry Commanders


Rise of Kingdoms Arabia

One of the best civilizations to start with for cavalry commanders is Arabia. This civilization is just amazing with cavalry troops because they get 5% attack bonus. All troops also do 10% increased damage towards barbarians and neutral units.

Plus, when you assemble a rallying army, then the troops does another 5% extra damage. If you do a cavalry commander pair and only do cavalry as special unit then the overall damage done will further increase because of these traits.


Rise of Kingdoms Spain

Spain is another popular civilization to play with if you are doing cavalry commanders. This civilization gives 5% cavalry defense and all commanders gets 10% increased experience gain. Furthermore, your resource buildings produce 20% more.

So, this civilization is pretty good if you are into PvE battles and want to be able to minimize your causalities through improved defense. But other than PvE, Germany and Arabia is great at PvP battles due to better attack stats.


Rise of Kingdoms Germany

Another good civilization to start that works with cavalry commanders is Germany. This civilization gives 5% attack bonus to cavalry and the training time for troops is reduced. Which means you can pump out more troops to prepare for battle.

If you are farming barbarians, you will also be able to take advantage of the 10% Action Points Recovery (AP), allowing you to hunt down more barbarians.

Conclusion of Best Cavalry Commanders

And that’s all Governors! I hope you find this guide helpful and informative to tailor your own commander roster. This guide is intended to help you decide which commander to invest in and which one to pair with to maximize your ability to fight in the battles against other players.

If you disagree with these ranked commanders, please feel free to comment below and we will strike a conversation. We are looking forward to this to foster knowledgeable and skilled Rise of Kingdoms community. Happy ruling, Governors!

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