Top 5 Best Barbarian Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Killing barbarians in Rise of Kingdoms is one of the many ways to level up your commanders by earning experience and resources. However, you can kill barbarians much faster and accelerate your leveling phase by using dedicated barbarian hunters. These commanders gives attack, defense, and health bonuses to the troops and increases the damage done to barbarians, making them highly desired.

In this guide, I am going to share the top 5 best barbarian commanders to level up right now in Rise of Kingdoms. The ranking of these commanders are based on  their skills, talent builds, pairings and popularity.

Why Barbarian Commanders?

In case you want to be able to farm barbarians for extra resources, to gain experience, or to test out your army strength then fighting against barbarians is a good idea.

One of the main advantage that these barbarian commanders bring to the table is Trophy Hunter which gives you up to 15 resource packs on every victorious battle. This makes it possible to quickly chain-farm barbarians to loot many packs as possible.

So, I am going to share top 5 best barbarian commanders that’s worth leveling up right now in Rise of Kingdoms.

Top 5 Best Barbarians Commanders in ROK


Aethelflaed Commander Rise of Kingdoms

Indisputable, Aethelflaed is the best free legendary commander that you can easily get in the game and she is amazing at killing barbarians due to her active skill which deals splash damage. At the same time, it reduces the enemy’s attack, defense and health by a mouthwatering 30%.

Which enables troops under Aethelflaed’s leadership to take command and eliminate the barbarians quickly and effectively as possible. She also increases the damage done to barbarians by 35% and gain 35% more experience. If you roll a diversified army, more than 3 type of troops then all the troops will gain 20% bonus damage which stacks well along with her other powerful skills.


Keira Rise of Kingdoms Commander Profile

One of the best epic commander that’s wield with lethal skills is Keira. As harmless as she might look, she is actually a good commander to play for scenarios like Ian’s Ballad and Ceroli Crisis. Her active skill does a serious amount of damage upwards to 3 targets.

Furthermore, one of her passive skill increases the skill damage taken on the enemy targets. Which makes her active skill even more dangerous and the amount of damage increases further when battling in scenarios, boosting the damage by 150%. Likewise, she normally does 35% increased damage to barbarians but in scenarios that becomes 70%. Keira is the choice epic commander for scenario battles.


Lohar Commander ROK

Another good epic barbarian commander to play with is Lohar. You can collect commander sculptures during the Lohar’s Trial to summon him. His active skill does a moderate amount of damage and heals troops, which goes nicely to improve troops’ survivability. While he does 35% extra damage towards barbarians, one of his passive skill increases the amount of experience gained by 70%.

This makes Lohar an incredible popular barbarian commander to play with for leveling up your newly minted commanders quickly. I personally call Lohar my “leveler” commander because of his massive experience gain boost.


Boudica Commander ROK

If you play Britain as your starting civilization, you will get Boudica as your starting commander. She is pretty good at farming barbarians due to her solid active skill and increased damage versus barbarian and neutral units. One of the interesting advantage she brings to the table is ability to reduce the rage of enemy target.

This allows her to subdue the enemies, rendering their ability to cast powerful active skills while the troops under her leadership focuses at dishing out serious blows. Additionally, there’s small chance that troops will deal damage towards enemies, sometimes upward to 150% increased damage.


Belisarius Commander ROK

And finally, if you are looking for a solid epic barbarian commander who excels at speed, Belisarius is a good choice. His active skill reduces the enemy target’s attack and defense by 30% and does a moderate amount of damage. This in particular is advantageous when paring with nukers to maximize the damage done.

Cavalry under Belisarius’ leadership also gain 30% defense and march speed bonus. Allowing this epic commander to travel on the map much quickly, and letting you reach your targets faster with little downtime. If Belisarius’ army strength falls below 50%, then the troops under his leadership will do 30% more damage. Which is very nice because that provides counteract to the enemies.

Top 3 Best Civilizations for Barbarians Commanders


Rise of Kingdoms Arabia

One of the best civilization to play with for farming barbarians and other PvE stuff is Arabia. Surprisingly, Arabia is also top choice for cavalry commanders due to their strong damage traits. With this civilization, your troops does 10% extra damage to barbarians and neutral units. If rallying armies, that’s another 5% extra damage on top of that.


Rise of Kingdoms Germany

Another civilization to play with for farming barbarians is Germany. This civilization increases the recovery rate of your Action Points (AP) by 10%. This allows you to hunt more barbarians and more frequently than players who do not have this trait. Training time for troops is also reduced, allowing you to train Tier 4 / Tier 5 troops quickly.


Rise of Kingdoms China

Lastly, China is another civilization that’s worth playing as for barbarian commanders. This civilization gives you 5% increased action point recovery rate. Though, it is not that major as Germany does. It’s still worth considering playing as China because all of your troops gets 3% increased defense which is nice to have in terms of reducing overall damage taken.

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