Best 4 Stars Commander Trick

Best 4 Stars Commander Trick: Guide for Beginners

Before you spend your starlight sculptures on any of your commanders. Make sure to read our best 4 stars trick to upgrade your commanders at level 10. Many players don’t do this and it is one of the early game mistakes you can make in Rise of Kingdoms.

Doing this trick is possible  In fact, you can easily upgrade your commanders to 4 stars at level 10. This trick works well for commanders that are Advanced and currently only has one star. You also can do the same with Elite and Epic commanders but the amount of Star Experience they require to rank to the next star costs more.

Using the 4 star trick, you can take advantage of leveling up your commanders quickly, allowing you to grow in power easily. To do this, just follow these steps:

How to Upgrade Your Commanders to 4 Stars

This step-by-step teaches you how to upgrade your commanders to 4 stars the easy way. It is incredible useful because it allows you to save your Starlight sculptures for other commanders who will need more of it at high star rank.

Here’s how to upgrade your Commanders to 4 Stars at Level 10:

  1. Level up your commander to level 10.
  2. Use and develop your commander’s star experience until it reaches 80% – 85%
  3. Add 3 Bundle of Starlight Sculptures and 3 other Stars at this step (~75% to increase your commander to 4 Stars).
  4. Tap to Develop.
  5. Voila, happy marching around with your new 4 Stars Commander!


Best 4 Stars Upgrade ROK

Does the 4 Stars Commander Tricks Works on Epic?

That’s a good question and unfortunately it is not possible to do 4 stars trick on Epic commanders. The reason why it is possible to Star Upgrade your Advanced commanders to 4 stars is because of the experience requirements is less compared to Epic commanders.

Star upgrading your Elite commanders to 4 stars is possible but that would be a lot rarer and harder to achieve. Though, you can easily upgrade them to 3 stars. For Epic Commanders, the likeihood of Star Upgrading them to 3 stars in one go is tough.

Legendary commanders is difficult to Star upgrade due to high Star Experience requirement. Thus, it’s common to just upgrade them each time they reach max level. Although, I do recommend speed upgrading your commanders so that you can save more Starlight Sculptures when time comes for the next star upgrade.

Over to You!

That’s all governors! I hope you found our guide on how to do the 4 Stars trick helpful and informative. If you are new to Rise of Kingdoms and isn’t sure where to start, you will find my 2,700 words monster guide on how to play game for free and the Ultimate Guide to Rise of Kingdoms for beginners useful to getting started.

Happy ruling, Governors!


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