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Best Alliance Credits vs Individual Credits Guide

Welcome to House of Kingdoms. Today, I am going to talk about Alliance Credits and Individual Credits. As you might wonder what’s the difference between these two type of credits and how you can use them to further advance your civilization and alliance.

Before we get into details, I want to briefly explain the main difference between Alliance Credits and Individual Credits so to help you gain a better understanding of each credits’ benefits and advantage in Rise of Kingdoms.

Alliance Credits vs Individual Credits

Alliance and Individual Credits

For players who are new or just getting started with Rise of Kingdoms, Alliance Credits and Individual Credits is another set of currency that can be acquired while you are in an alliance. You can obtain these credits in any type of alliance, although I would highly recommend joining top alliances as you will be able to earn them at a much faster rate. To illustrate the difference between these two type of credits:

Alliance Credits:

In-game credits that you earn for helping out your alliance. The credits gets stored as resources for your alliance leader and officers to build new flags, fortresses and even research advanced technologies.

To create your first Center Fortress, you will need to get 900,000 alliance credits. At first, it will be tough because your alliance is not established yet. But with well-thought plan and working towards gathering the credits can make it easier.

As you progress throughout the game, maintaining a steady flow of alliance credits will not be an issue.

Individual Credits: 

Getting Individual Credits is pretty easy as it is to Alliance Credits. In fact, Individual Credits is an important currency to have because with that you can buy speedups, tokens and even special items like teleporter.

Though, the cost to buy items using your Individual Credits can get quite hefty depending on which one you want to shop for. For instance, the best thing you can use your Individual Credits on is the Passport Pages. That item gives you an option as Free-to-Play player to migrate to a different kingdom.

But you also can buy other items like speedups if you want to accelerate and reach end-game quickly. You also can shop around for an extra teleporter or two if you need to move away from your enemies or to perform a city bombing as a Britain player.

For starters, I recommend buying Passport Pages first with your Individual Credits. Once you have enough to migrate to a older kingdom, you can focus on maxing out your buildings to Level 25.

How to Use Alliance Credits

Alliance Credits Storehouse

Now that I have the introductory part about Alliance Credits vs Individual Credits out of the part, you know what they do and how they benefit you in Rise of Kingdoms. Though, how do you get Alliance Credits and Individual Credits?

Getting them is pretty easy and it is what you will be doing for most of the time naturally. Some actions you do to help alliance will generate both Alliance and Individual Credits. While specific events will only generate Individual Credits for yourself. So it’s good to know which gives Alliance Credits and whatanot.

How to Get More Alliance Credits

Alliance Credits Shop

Here’s a few ways you can do to get Alliance Credits for your alliance:

  • Ask for help.
  • Donate your resources to researching alliance technology.
  • Help out with building alliance structures like fortresses, flags, and resource points.
  • Sometimes whales buys in-game packs and gives chests in gifts tab, they have a chance to reward your alliance with alliance credits.

Obviously the fastest way to get more Alliance Credits is to be in an active top alliance and with quite a lot of whales. Alliances like that can get big and strong pretty fast so if you are playing as F2P player, it’s worth trying to join them.

Where to Spend Alliance Credits

By then you should have plenty of Alliance Credits sitting in your alliance resources tab. You should try to spend and manage it wisely, especially when it comes to KvK event where you will need to be able to rapidly build flags and fortress. There’s a few ways you can spend the alliance credits on:

  • Build new flags, fortresses and resource points.
  • Research alliance technology.
  • Restocking items.
  • Repair buildings.

How to Use Individual Credits

Individual Credits Alliance

Individual Credits on the other than can be used for your own personal advantage. With this type of currency, you can buy items like teleporter, speedups and even VIP points to accelerate your VIP Status to Level 6 and further (Personally I prefer reaching to VIP 13).

So, it is important to manage your Individual Credits and knowing when to spend it. Make sure you prioritize on the items you need first to be able to achieve your goals and work from that point. Getting Individual Credits is relatively easy to do so just like Alliance Credits, except it is for your personal use.

How to Get More Individual Credits

Here’s a few ways you can do to get more Individual Credits:

  • Help your alliance members.
  • Donate your resources to research alliance technology.
  • Help build fortresses, flags and resource points.
  • Open alliance chests from whales.
  • Participate Ark of Osiris
  • Participate in the Events

Earning Individual Credits is slightly easier since there’s more options you can do to get it. Though, you need to be aware of the cap limit that you can get on a daily basis for each way. You can get as much as you want to, but once you max out on your alliance help, your other options of getting more Individual Credits has to be done via donating, opening chests and participating in the events.

Where to Spend Individual Credits

As I mentioned previously, you can use your Individual Credits to spend on valuable items in Alliance Shop. The leader and officers are responsible for restocking their shop using Alliance Credits. Make sure to check the shop and if the items is out of stock, ask one of your officer or leader to restock. Here’s what you should be prioritizing with your Individual Credits in the alliance shop:

  1. VIP Points
  2. Passport Pages
  3. Speedups (3 Hours +)
  4. Teleporters

One thing I want to point out regarding to speedups is that you want to aim for 3 hours or more. I don’t recommend buying speedups under 3 hours as they cost you more credits for the same amount of time. Maximize on most valuable items first.

Over to You

Alliance Credits vs Individual Credits ROK

That’s all Governors! I hope you found my guide about Alliance Credits vs Individual Credits helpful and insightful. If you have any questions about these type of in-game currency or we are missing something, feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below and we will strike a conversation with you! One more thing, getting to learn how to manage your gold is also pretty important as you progress further into late game and it will be beneficial to have that knowledge.

Happy ruling Governors!


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