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How to Beat The Mightiest Governor Under 24 Hours

During The Mightiest Governor event, there will be 5 different stages that you need to go through in order to get the rewards. This event lasts for 48 hours with the exception rewards reset every 24 hours. If you are struggling to finish The Mightiest Governor fast under 24 hours, then you will find our guide helpful.

Of course, this guide involves using some of your speedups, action potions, expanded army troops, and resource boosters. However, these are imperative if you want to be able to collect legendary commander sculptures to unlock new commanders or to upgrade your existing ones.

In this guide, we are dividing The Mightiest Governor into five stages to help streamline the process and to make it simple for you to finish the events less than 24 hours. The Mightiest Governor is one of the most popular event in Rise of Kingdoms due to how easy it is and the abundant amount of rewards that it passes out. Definitely do not miss out on this event at all.

5 Stages of The Mightiest Governor

In this event, there are 5 stages that you must beat in order to collect rewards and eventually the legendary commander sculptures:

  • Troop Training
  • Barbarian Killing
  • Gathering Resources
  • Power Gain
  • Killing Enemies

I will talk more about each stage in details and how to finish them fast.

Troop Training

This is one of the easiest way to do. Just simply tap on your military buildings (barracks, stable, archery and siege factory) to start producing troops. For optimal troop training, you should be training Tier 2 troops. This ensures the fastest way to complete quests in this stage.

You also will gain a small amount of power with each trained troops. When you completed training phase of tier 2 troops for the first part of event. Start training them to Tier 3 to prepare for the next part of event. This ensures you are on pace.

You also will need a few training speedups to accelerate the training phase in order to complete the quests for troop training. While you will leave them to do the training for majority of the time, make sure to have at least:

  • 20 x 5-Minutes Training Speedups
  • 10 x 15-Minutes Training Speedups
  • 5 x 30-Minutes Training Speedups
  • 5 x 1-Hour Training Speedups

Barbarian Killing

If you have commanders that excels at killing barbarians such as Aethelflaed, Boudica, Lohar, or Belisarius, use them. They comes with talent builds that reduces the amount of required action points. Which means you can launch more attacks on barbarians, reap even more experience and loot ton of resources.

You also want to take Aethelflaed’s active skill in consideration given the fact that it can pull extra barbarians without costing you any action points. Which is a huge game changer especially when it comes to racing against the time to finish objectives for barbarian killing.

Prioritize commanders who has Peacekeeping capabilities over other commanders for this stage. While it is possible to complete all quests under 24 hours without the need of action potions. I highly recommend you to have at least spare just in case you need to rush.

Recommended amount of action potions:

  • 20 x Action Potions

Gathering Resources

This stage requires you to familiarize with each gathering commanders’ traits and the type of resource they excels at harvesting. For starters, Ishida Mitsunari, Sarka, Constance, Cleopatra VII and Seondeok all are the best picks.

You also want to have the talent points invested into speeding up the time of gathering. Additionally, you want the skill points invested into speed of gathering time. When you take advantage of both perks, these commanders will easily gather resources in no time.

One part of the challenge is that when your level up your commander, their troop capacity grows. Which means more time is required to gather resources. You can mitigate this by training Tier 3 / Tier 4 / Tier 5 siege units. They have high resource load which means you only can send that much of what is left on the resources spot.

Power Gain

This stage is somewhat difficult compared to other stages as it involves upgrading your buildings, training troops and researching. If you are already a highly developed kingdom, it’s likely the time to upgrade your buildings will take a long time.

In this stage, you do need to use your building speedups, training speedups, and research speedups. Complete the upgrading / training / researching as fast as you can in order to gain power quickly. Make sure to have plenty of speedups in case you need to perform hurried researches or upgrades.

Killing Enemies

This is one of another popular stage and widely favored by players who enjoys PvP battles. Obviously, in order to advanced in this stage, you need to kill enemies. But you don’t have to do the hard way. Just look around the resources spots and find the red dot above it, which indicates a hostile is farming that spot.

Assemble an army and launch troops to kill the enemies. You don’t suffer any deaths for doing this and it is the easiest way to kill enemies. The hard way? Nuking your enemy’s city into oblivion and suffer causalities which isn’t the most ideal way for any players.

Prioritize killing enemies on the resources spots. When there’s no options available, assembly a rally army with your alliance members and nuke enemy city into rubble.


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