Lohar's Trial Rise of Kingdoms

How to Smash Lohar’s Trial and Get Ton of Sculptures

During the Lohar’s Trial, all the barbarian troops on the map will give you a special event item: Bone Necklaces. Which you can use it to get rewards and a small chance to acquire Lohar Sculptures to summon Lohar as your commander. In addition to that, you will get Lohar’s Longbow and Lohar’s Buckler which summons Lohar as a barbarian army on the map that’s only can be attacked via rallied army.

In our guide, we will teach you the best way to smash Lohar’s Trial effectively. This method involves doing some tricks which can be a bit time-consuming but in the long-term, you save more of your resources in exchange for bigger rewards. Without further ado, let’s find out how to do Lohar’s Trial the best way.

Use Commander With AOE Skill

Before you start farming barbarian troops on the map, use any of the commanders that has AOE skill. The main reason for this is that they can draw in neighboring barbarian troops without having to spend additional action points!

This is a huge advantage for having commanders with AOE since you can kill more barbarians for less action points. You also will be able to acquire more bone necklaces and reap in even more rewards. The best commanders with AOE skill for Lohar’s Trial as followed in ranking order:

Best AOE Commanders:

Use Peacekeeping Commanders

To maximize your barbarian onslaught capabilities, pick commanders who have peacekeeping skill. When you max the peacekeeping skill tree for those commanders, they deal more damage to barbarians, gain more experience and costs less action points.

Aetheflaed and Lohar are all good example of commanders with peacekeeping skill. Try to couple them with a secondary commander so that both can take advantage of the bonus experience points and increased damage to barbarian troops.

Max Out Rally Army for Lohar’s Army

Here’s a secret trick to bigger rewards for defeating Lohar’s Army is to assemble massive army rallies. While the rewards tend to vary random, the rewards usually is higher for the rally leader and others who joined your rally gets a portion of the rewards.

The bigger your rally army is, the bigger reward will be when defeating the Lohar’s Army. So make sure to maximize your rally army troop capacity for a chance to reap in these mouthwatering rewards via upgrading your Castle level.


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