Best Tomyris Commander Guide ROK

Best Tomyris Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles


Welcome to our in-depth Rise of Kingdoms guide for Tomyris. This informative guide was created to help provide an overview of Tomyris skills, talent tress, gameplay, strategies, and guides in Rise of Kingdoms. The purpose of this overview guide is to help new and experienced players understand how to play Tomyris right and maximize strategic advantages.

Tomyris is a legendary commander that was released on September 2019 update and is one of the most powerful offensive commander specialized in archery. She becomes unlockable after the kingdom turns 120 days old. To summon Tomyris, you will need to gather 10 Tomyris sculptures which can be done via chests, VIP shop and through special events.

Without further ado, we are going through her skills, talent builds, best pairs and more. Let’s dive deep and find out how you can prepare to maximize Tomyris’ combat capabilities.


Best Tomyris Skills

In the next part, we will talk about Tomyris skills. Getting to know how to use her skills in the battles is just about that important as it is to winning the game in Rise of Kingdoms. Scroll down to learn more about her skills in details and what you can do to maximize to her advantage:

Best Tomyris Commander ROK

Arrow of Vengeance
Arrow of Vengeance ROK

Rage Requirement: 1000
Deals direct damage to a single target. If this target is affected by poison, immediately remove the poison and deal poison damage (Damage Factor = Stacks x Poison Factor). If there were more than more 10 stacks, increases poison damage (Damage Factor = Stacks x increased Poison Factor).

Upgrade Preview:

  • Direct Damage Factor: 700 / 750 / 800 / 900 / 1000
  • Poison Factor (Less or equal to 10 stacks): 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40
  • Poison Factor (More than 10 stacks): 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80

Arrow of Vengeance is an incredible powerful active skill if done right. Each poison stack adds upwards to bonus 80 damage for a total direct damage factor of 2,200 (15 stacks). You will want to hold back on building rage so to allow her to use this active skill to its fullest extent. Max out this active skill so she can deliver heavy blows.

Payback ROK

When attacking cities, increases normal attack damage and decreases counterattack damage by 10%.

Upgrade Preview:
Normal Attack Damage Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%

Simply put, Payback is a passive skill that’s too good to pass. When you are attacking enemy cities with Tomyris, her troops gains 30% damage bonus and the counter attack damage is reduced by 10%. This allows her to set up to deal significant damage towards enemy cities.

For the Sun
For the Sun ROK

Increases attack of archer units and gives all attacks a 10% chance to decrease the defense of a single target for 3 seconds.

Upgrade Preview:

  • Archer Attack Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%
  • Defense Reduction: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%

For the Sun is another incredible powerful passive skill that increases archer damage by 30%. Plus, there’s a small chance that your troops will reduce the enemy defense by 30%, making it even easier to kill the enemies.

Massagetae’s Counterattack
Massagetae's Counterattack ROK

Gives all regular attacks chance to poison a single target for 5 seconds (stacks up to 15 times). The poisoned duration is refreshed each time a stack is added. Poisoned targets will take an additional 3% skill damage per stack.

Upgrade Preview:
Probability: 50% / 60% / 70% / 80% / 100%

This passive skill is a must-have if you want to maximize Tomyris’ active skill damage. Max it out so that your troops will have 100% chance to cause poison on the target.

Pouch of Blood
Pouch of Blood ROK

Increases normal attack and counterattack damage by 10%. When attacked, reduces attack of the attacker’s cavalry units by 10%.

Pouch of Blood is a simple, yet unique enhanced skill that gives flat 10% damage bonus to normal attack and counterattack damage. In addition to that, it reduces the attack of enemy cavalry by 10%, a natural counter to the archers.

Best Tomyris Talent Trees

So you want to know the best talent builds for Tomyris? Then stick around with us because in this part, we will talk about each talent builds and how to use them. Depending on your commander rosters, gameplay and strategy, each player have their own unique needs. Which is why we have 3 best talent builds that works with Tomyris based on her skill set.

Conqueror Talent Build

Tomyris Conqueror Talent Build ROK

By default, the Conqueror is a popular talent build because of her skill set is focused on assaulting enemy cities with extreme damage. This talent build generates rage fast enough to propel her active skill as often as she can use. In addition to that, her troops gains damage bonuses towards cities, allowing her to cripple enemies with ease.

PvP Talent Build

Tomyris PvP Talent Build ROK

Don’t get me wrong, Tomyris is amazing for PvP battles. That’s simply because she can poison her targets and then deal massive damage once she uses her active skill. Besides, the archer gains large damage bonus and defense against cavalry. Which means she simply can win over vulnerable commanders with ease. Great for avid PvP battlers.

Field Talent Build

Tomyris Field Talent Build ROK

The Field talent build works well with Tomyris when you are using her as a support commander on the battlefield. Which means she takes the backseat and whistle the arrows from distance while your more tanky commanders takes the frontline. This talent build focuses on maximizing damage and allows you to buy more time for the poison to stack upwards to 15 so she can whittle it all in a single shot.

Best Recommended Roles (Primary / Secondary)

By default, Tomyris takes the lead as primary commander due to her powerful skills focused on conquering. Although, she makes good secondary commander when there’s a much more powerful nuker commander capable of dealing heavy blows. Primarily, you want to focus on archer as it is Tomyris’ specialization.

Mixed Armies

  • Balanced DPS (Secondary)
  • Tank (Secondary)
  • Budget Siege (Secondary)

Pure Infantry

  • Balanced DPS (Secondary)
  • Tank (Secondary)
  • Budget Siege (Secondary)

Pure Cavalry

  • Balanced DPS (Secondary)
  • Tank (Secondary)
  • Budget Siege (Secondary)

Pure Archers

  • Balanced DPS (Primary / Secondary)
  • Tank (Primary / Secondary)
  • Budget Siege (Secondary)

Best Primary & Secondary Commander Pairs

In the next part of our best Tomyris commander guide for beginners, we will talk about the best commanders to pair with for primary role and secondary role. By default you want to have Tomyris as primary role for conquering. Although, some commanders are much more powerful and flexible than Tomyris is and is better suited to primary role. Which is fine because Tomyris will still be able to benefit from their skill set and talent build.

Mehmed II

Mehmed II ROK

If you are looking for a solid commander to pair with, Mehmed II is an incredibly powerful commander. He takes the primary role and Tomyris will gain active damage bonus from his skill set. In addition to that, the size of troop capacity is expanded.

Thanks to Mehmed II flexible army style, he can easily work to tailor around Tomyris’ archery specialization. When you pair her with Mehmed II, both have their weakness covered in single target and multiple targets. Furthermore, Mehmed II is a powerful conqueror who will have no issue decimating enemy garrisons on top of Tomyris’ already powerful single target damage.

Alternatively, you can pair Tomyris with Osman I if you don’t have the legendary commander yet.

Yi Seong-Gye

Rise of Kingdoms Yi Seong-Gye

Just like the previous commander, Yi Seong-Gye is another powerful nuker to pair with. Moreover, he specializes in archer which means the bonuses is much more significant. Yi Seong-Gye is capable of dealing splash damage that does quite a serious amount of damage.

One of the advantage that you get out of this pair is the 50% active skill damage bonus. Which means Tomyris will be able to deal upwards to 3,300 damage every time she uses her active skill. That’s a lot considering how fast she builds her rage and the low rage requirement.

In this case, Yi Seong-Gye takes the role as a secondary commander. If you don’t have him yet, your alternative option is Kusunoki Masashige.


Best Hermann Commander

Hermann is a solid commander to pair for a several good reasons. While he also focuses on archery specialization, he is one of the best silencer in Rise of Kingdoms. Every time he activates his active skill, he silences the enemy target, preventing them from using their active skill.

Which really plays an important role in repelling enemy nukers from doing any serious amount of damage. Given the fact how fragile the troops are under Tomyris’ leadership, a major blow will cripple her troops. So, pair her with Hermann to stop or delay enemy commanders from using their skills.


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