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Best Seondeok Commander Guide: Skills, Talent Builds, Pairs & Roles


Welcome to our in-depth Rise of Kingdoms guide for Commander Seondeok. This informative guide was created to help provide an overview of Seondeok skills, talent tress, gameplay, strategies, and guides in Rise of Kingdoms. The purpose of this overview guide is to help new and experienced players understand how to play Seondeok right and maximize strategic advantages.

To kick start our in-depth commander guide about Seondeok, I want to briefly talk about her. Seondeok is a legendary commander from Korea and is one of the popular choice for gathering. Most of her skills revolves around the ability to bring in chock-full of resources in less time. But she also comes with a powerful active skill that does high damage and reducing enemy’s rage. Which gives her an excellent defense while gathering resource spots on the map that most commanders lacks the ability to do so.

To summon Seondeok as your legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms. You need to get 10 Seondeok sculptures which can be acquired via chests, events, VIP shop and expedition. Once you have her under your wing, you will be able to use her to accelerate your resources gathering as upgrading your buildings and training troops will become more expensive later in the game.



We are going to talk about Seondeok’s skill set and what she has to offer for you. While I want to point out that she is a gathering commander which means it is not expected for anyone to use her as a combat commander. Most of her passive skills specializes in improving the defense of siege units, load capacity and as well as gathering speed. However, if you prefer to play Seondeok as support commander that’s possible to do so which will be talk more in talent builds section. Check out this legendary commander’s skills:

Seondeok Rise of Kingdoms

Modest ROKRage Requirement: 1000
Deals massive damage dealt to a single target while reducing the target’s Rage.Upgrade Preview
Direct Damage Factor: 600 / 800 / 1000 / 1200 / 1400
Rage Reduction: 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 100

Modest is an active skill that deals high damage and reduces enemy’s rage. Personally, I like this skill because it provides Seondeok some kind of threat to cause serious punches. Especially when she is gathering resources and needs a strong skill to ward enemy invaders.

Insightful ROKIncreases gold gathering speed; increased food, wood and stone gathering speed.

Upgrade Preview
Bonus Gathering Speed (Gold): 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 30%
Bonus Gathering Speed (Other Resources): 3% / 6% / 10% / 15% / 20%

If you play Seondeok as your gathering commander, she will gain 30% bonus to gold gathering speed. Which makes her the perfect commander for getting all the gold for your empire. Other than gold, she gains 20% bonus gathering speed to stone, food and wood.

Magnanimous ROKIncreases defense and health of siege units when gathering at resource points on the map.

Upgrade Preview
Siege Unit Defense Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%
Siege Unit Health Bonus: 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%

This passive skill is one of my favorite. Go pure siege build with Seondeok and they gain 30% bonus to both defense and health bonus. The siege units are already tanky and these bonuses only makes them even more tankier which is actually very good to preserve your resources.

Incisive ROKWhen the army led by this commander contains only siege units, all normal attacks have a 10% chance to deal extra damage to the target.

Upgrade Preview
Additional Damage Factor: 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 1000

Another reason why you should roll pure siege army with Seondeok is because of this passive skill. If you do this, then every normal attack will have a small chance to deal high damage. This is especially a very nice perk that further elevates Seondeok’s ability to counter enemy invasions.

Honoring The Heavens
Honoring the Heavens ROKIncreases load of siege units by 30% and grants an additional 10% resources when gathering is complete.

Major empires who needs a lot of resources to run their cities will appreciate the fact that Seondeok have enhanced skill which further increases the resources load of siege units. Plus when she finishes gathering a resource spot, you get 10% on the top of what is gathered which definitely do play a big difference at high level.

Best Seondeok Talent Trees

If you are wondering what are the best talent builds to roll for Seondeok. We have included top 2 best talent builds for this legendary commander. As I mentioned previously that she is a very strong gathering commander, which means the options is limited because she won’t be great at offensive wars. But you definitely can play her as support commander if you want to. Check out our recommended Seondeok talent builds below:

PvE Build

Best Seondeok Talent Build ROK

The PvE talent build is highly recommended for Seondeok. This build focuses on improving gathering rate and resources capacity. Furthermore, it provides additional layer of protection against enemy threats. If Seondeok’s troops is under attack, she will be able to build rage quickly with this talent build.

Which gives her a strong ability to counter enemies while securing the resources. I also like this talent build because a few points are invested in expanding the troop capacity. This will let you bring more siege units which translates into more resource load. Overall, this talent build is the best for gathering resources.

PvP / Field Build

Best Seondeok PvP Talent Build ROK

Yes, I did mentioned that Seondeok can be played as support role. If that’s what you want to do with here then this talent build is pretty good. Just like the previous talent build, it gives Seondeok the ability to build rage quickly and further improves her active skill damage.

While boosting her troops’ defense and health value, Seondeok will be able to provide support by dishing out heavy damage with her active skill: Modest. The PvP / Field build for Seondeok allows you to focus at countering invading forces and to provide your team members support.

Best Recommended Roles (Primary / Secondary)

For the best gameplay experience with Seondeok in Rise of Kingdoms, it is optimal to roll pure siege army. Although, you can throw in a few different type of armies since you do get a small defense bonus to your troops if you roll PvP / field build. Otherwise, it is siege units only for PvE talent build.

Mixed Armies

  • Balanced DPS (Primary PvP / Secondary PvE)
  • Tank (Primary PvP / Secondary PvE)
  • Budget Siege (Primary PvP / Secondary PvE)

Pure Infantry

  • Balanced DPS (Secondary)
  • Tank (Secondary)
  • Budget Siege (Secondary)

Pure Cavalry

  • Balanced DPS (Secondary)
  • Tank (Secondary)
  • Budget Siege ( Secondary)

Pure Archers

  • Balanced DPS (Secondary)
  • Tank (Secondary)
  • Budget Siege (Secondary)

Best Primary Commander Pairs

Even though Seondeok is an awesome gathering commander, you should pair a secondary commander to go with her. You will find out that there are quite a few commanders who do pair pretty well with her that makes the pair unique and deadly. Since she is a gathering commander, you want to find a pair who excels at attack / defense and can dish out serious damage one-on-one battles.


Best Hermann Commander

This might have come across to you unexpectedly but Hermann will make a good secondary commander to pair. He comes with a strong active skill that can silence your enemies. Because you will be going on gathering missions most of the time with Seondeok, which means most of the time you are going to be attacked by a pair of enemy commanders.

The Hermann and Seondeok combo allows you to keep the enemy’s pair silenced while dealing massive blows. Plus, Hermann has a chance to trigger bonus rage which will further amplifies Seondeok’s ability to dish out high damage in short intervals. This combo shouldn’t be underestimated at all.

Cleopatra VII

Rise of Kingdoms Cleopatra VII Preview

The Cleopatra VII and Seondeok pair is also great. When you pair her with Cleopatra VII, you get an extra 50% bonus attack and defense on top of the siege units. Also all of your troops bring 50% more load which makes it insanely easy to farm high level resource spots and maximizing your protection against enemies forces.

This combo will surely wear your enemies out. Thanks to Cleopatra VII’s active skill which heals your troops for a portion amount. Which increases your troops’ survivability and enables Seondeok to use her active skill more often to maximize damage while minimizing the amount of injured troops.

Julius Caesar

Rise of Kingdoms Julius Caesar

If you prefer to roll Seondeok as a support commander, pair her with Julius Caesar (or Scipio Africanus if you don’t have him). With this combo, Seondeok can bring more troops and gain improved damage reduction if she ever comes under attack. But let’s not forget that Julius Caesar is very capable of dealing high damage.

Which means he will increase your troops’ attack and decrease enemy troops’ defense (60% bonus — which is a lot) that enables you to cripple them fast. Especially when in conjunction with Seondeok’s active skill for major damage. Personally, I think this combo is one of the most interesting choice and definitely my favorite one when I played Seondeok as a support commander.

Guides & Tips

In this part of the best Seondeok commander guide for beginners, we have included a list of guides and tips for you. These guides basically covers tips on strategies and gameplay with Seondeok as your selected commander in Rise of Kingdoms. Be sure to check them out to learn more about this commander:


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