Best Commanders to Pick: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Welcome to our Best Commanders to Pick: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners in Rise of Kingdoms. If you are a new player and just starting off or wondering what’s the best commanders to level up in the game. Then you have come to the right spot because in this guide, I am going to share the meta commanders.

Meta commanders are the best and they are the ones you should be leveling up, starring up and investing the talent points in. But what makes Meta commanders different from legendary commanders and epic commanders?

Simply put, Meta commanders consist a list of the best commanders due to their powerful skills and talent builds. They are so strong that they do a lot of damage compared to other commanders. When done right, these commanders pretty much makes your life easier in Rise of Kingdoms.

As you can see, there’s over 45 different commanders to choose from. The wide array of commanders give you plenty of options to explore and decide which one you want to work with. Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms isn’t like other commanders / leaders in different games because you are going to stick around with them for quite a long time.

When you are starting off, make sure to decided which commanders you want to work with, in this case, I recommend at least 2 gathering commanders and 2 PvP commanders only. Focus on them until you feel comfortable enough to expand beyond these 4 commanders to grow your roster.

Without further ado, click on one of these commanders in Rise of Kingdoms to get started!

Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Aethelflaed Commander Rise of Kingdoms
Alexander the Great Commander ROK
Artemisia Commander Rise of Kingdoms
Attila Commander ROK
Baibars Commander Rise of Kingdoms
Belisarius Commander ROK
Boudica Commander ROK
Cao Cao Commander ROK
Charlemagne Commander ROK Profile
Charles Martel Commander ROK
Cleopatra VII Commander ROK
Constance Commander ROK
Constantine I Commander ROK
Edward of Woodstock Commander ROK
Best El Cid Commander ROK
Eulji Mundeok Commander ROK
Frederick I Commander ROK
Gaius Marius Commander ROK
Genghis Khan Commander Rise of Kingdoms
Guan Yu Commander ROK
Hannibal Barca Commander Rise of Kingdoms
Hermann Commander Rise of Kingdoms
Ishida Mitsunari Commander ROK
Joan of Arc Commander ROK
Julius Caesar Commander ROK
Kusunoki Masashige Commander ROK
Lancelot Commander ROK
Leonidas I Commander ROK Profile
Lohar Commander ROK
Mehmed II Commander Rise of Kingdoms
Best Minamoto no Yoshitsune Commander ROK
Pelagius Commander Rise of Kingdoms
Osman I Commander Rise of Kingdoms
Sarka Commander ROK
Saladin Commander Rise of Kingdoms
Scipio Africanus Commander ROK
Seondeok Commander ROK
Sun Tzu Commander ROK
Ramesses II Commander
Richard I Commander ROK
Best Takeda Shingen Commander ROK
Tomoe Gozen Commander ROK
Tomyris Commander Rise of Kingdoms
Wu Zetian Commander ROK
Yi Seong-Gye Commander Rise of Kingdoms
Keira Rise of Kingdoms Commander Profile

Best Meta Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdoms, these are called meta commanders which means they are currently the best and dominates in the game. You definitely will want to level them up to maximize your combat potential.

There are three type of meta pairings who specializes in different troops: infantry commanders, archer commanders and cavalry commanders.

Best Meta Infantry Commanders: Guan Yu + Leonidas

One of the most powerful duo who specializes in infantry only is Guan Yu and Leonidas. They are basically married to each other. Guan Yu deals more damage while serving as the primary commander.

Leonidas does more damage as a secondary commander and can silence up to three targets. Which increases his combat effectiveness and prevents nukers from doing any significant damage.

When stacking infantry troops only, they get huge damage, defense and health boost. On the map, infantry troops gets 40% increased attack and moves around faster, allowing them to reach targets quickly.

Should this pairing’s army ever falls below 10% strength, they will do 400% increased damage thanks to Leonidas’ Thermopylae passive skill.

Recommended Talent Build for Guan Yu + Leonidas

Guan Yu Conqueror Talent Build ROK

Best Meta Archer Commanders: Ramesses + Yi Seong-Gye

Currently the best meta archer commanders are Ramesses and Yi Seong-Gye. They pairs pretty well because of the synergy that boosts each other dynamically. Yi Seong-Gye is a very powerful archer commander that excels at dealing damage.

But his passive skill which boosts the damage of active skill helps Ramesses II deals even more damage towards single target. One of the main advantage this pairing has is the increased 40% archer attack while on the map.

Plus, the archers also have a chance to heal for a small amount and increase overall defense by 40% for a few seconds. If you are looking for good archer commanders that encompasses powerful and damaging skills while boosting attack and defense, this is the best pairing.

Recommended Talent Build for Ramesses + Yi Seong Gye

Ramesses II PvP Talent Build ROKBest Meta Cavalry Commanders: Attila + Takeda

If you ever find yourself in need of raw power and speed, Attila and Takeda are the best meta cavalry commanders to play right now in Rise of Kingdoms. They combine the raw power through weakening your enemies defense and boosting your attack power.

Cavalry is already fast moving units which Attila and Takeda increases the march speed further, making it possible for you to blitz your enemy targets at blinding speed. Attila doesn’t do any direct damage, however he is amazing at leading the troops and does a good job debuffing your enemy targets.

Takeda comes with an active skill that increases the amount of normal taken from the troops by  whooping 80%. It’s a no wonder why Attila and Takeda is the best meta cavalry commanders for delivering raw damage and demonstrating your force with iron grip on the battlefield.

Recommended Talent Build for Attila + Takeda

Attila Conqueror Talent Build ROKOver to You!

These best commanders I just listed in this guide are meta in Rise of Kingdoms. Pair them with the recommended commanders to maximize their combat effectiveness and you will have no problem conquering your enemies with ease.

However, that being said, getting legendary commanders can be challenging for some players who don’t actively play or spend that much money. Epic commanders are still good and having 5/5/1/1/1 compared to legendary commanders who are 5/1/1/1/1 will lose epics.

Be sure to learn how to do 4 Stars Upgrade trick for your commanders, especially with Advanced / Elite and Epic commanders. Every time you star upgrade your commander, you need plenty of commander sculptures to upgrade their skills.

Getting more commander sculptures is easy when you join one of these top alliances in Rise of Kingdoms.

Happy leveling up your best commanders, Governors!

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